Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spectator Fun and New Adventures

It has been an exceptionally fun past couple weeks recovering from Ironman St. George (in my world that means mostly sitting on the couch and catching up on all the fun stuff I'd been neglecting during my high volume training period). One of my favorite things about recovering is SPECTATING!!! I had been looking forward to May for a really long time and the opportunity to just go to watch the TCat and my other training buddies race...skim vanilla latte in hand of course!

May 12th - Oakdale Duathlon
TCat had a 50 mile ride to do so it was just Marge and I making the trek out to Lake Elmo Park Reserve for the race. Once we located the race venue we searched desperately for a coffee joint...Caribou in Woodbury...thank GOD! Lisa, Greb, Eman, Dolan and Scotty (coach) were all racing and it was a perfect day! Pretty much everyone PR'd on this course and Lisa biked a whopping 3+ minutes faster than last year!! Incredible and so excited for her hard work to be paying off on the bike! Scotty...aka beast...was incredible and as impressive as ever winning the race and breaking the master’s record as well!

May 19th - Blaine Triathlon
Minnesota weather can be quite interesting almost always skipping the spring season heading straight into hot was a windy 85+ degrees, smashing away any early season cold water concerns! This was the first running of the Blaine Triathlon and minus a couple rookie mistakes it was a fabulous race that we'll likely consider adding the schedule for years to come..I mean they even had Cuzzy's cater in a post-race shredded meat feast! Lisa picked me en route to the race and our course we allotted time for a Caribou skim vanilla latte run at which point I also added a lovely raspberry white chocolate scone to the order after proclaiming "I really had better start training again..." Since TCat was racing this one as well as Christina, Greb and Pearson we were stoked to put on the cheering hats! Greb had the most jaw dropping lead on the swim that I had ever seen! He also was leading the race coming into T2 unfortunately wasn't able to hold on for the win but did nag a very impressive 2nd place finish! My TCat also had a stellar first race of the season grabbing his first ever Triathlon PODIUM spot finishing 3rd!! I was so happy for him! Christina killed the women’s' race finishing 3rd (largely due to her new found biking power!!). My buddy Greta had a great day coming off injury as well to take the win for the women....what a fun day!

You would think this spectating excitement would be enough...but oh no... we have been busy. This past Wednesday I drove all the way to Owatonna with Karlita (my mom) to meet and adopt our newest member to the family Vito! He was currently set up in Foster care..and the moment we saw his picture we just knew he had to be ours...anyone that knows me probably knows that once I my mind on something there is no distance too far or mountain too high keep me from getting it! You see...Chubbs our current and much loved Orange Tabby Cat has quite a personality of her own...we like to say she is high maintenance...but seriously she meows like a raging goat...which is cute mostly, but totally not cool at 2, 3, and 4 am in the morning! Anyways after much reading and encouragement to get her a "buddy" Vito has found himself a permanent home!  First couple days were a bit rough with lots of hissing and growling Chubbs style...but now we are flying nighttime meowing and Chubbs seems happy...and Vito... well he just brings so much life and energy to the family...we just love him.

Lastly...OMG I BOUGHT A MOUNTAIN BIKE!!!!!! You see I have always been intrigued by the MTB scene and the Xterra Mtb races and deep down always wanted to give this a go. Buying bikes is never a cheap endeavor, but since giving up our 2nd car last Fall we now have the means to as I like to say "buy as many bikes as we want to!" We decided on a Salsa Mamasita hard tail frame due to its flexibility for racing many different events and had a ton of fun picking out all the parts to build her up! She is fast, fun and a Hottie of course. In my opinion every bike should have some white on it! today marked Hottie's maiden voyage and in all reality my first proper mtb ride ever!! Chris Balser, the bad ass Bicycle Fit Guru and mountain bike beast so generously offered to show us the Theo Wirth ropes and teach us some much needed technical tricks. Love that guy! First he took us to this random place called Brownie Lake??...when we first rode in I quickly realized the insaneness of this venue choice (knowing Balser I of course wasn't really surprised) and instantly my heart was pounding like a sledgehammer and I thought I was going to friggin kill myself! Well after some serious sketchy riding in there I survived and we then ventured over the Theo course and thank GOD this was much better. I was starting to feel more and more comfortable every 5 minutes or so and by the second loop was really enjoying myself...well with the exception of the 2 really gnarly head over handlebars wipe outs that both Balser and TCat had front row seats for! I even shed my first drop of mtb blood!! 3rd loop was a go slow and no brakes loop ( or more like brake as little as possible). It was a blast... and the small amount of rain made it seem even more epic ...I had so much fun and seriously felt like I was a kid again...loved washing off the dirt and actually made me realize the last time I'd been that dirty was high school soccer! I can't wait to ride again and already adding some mtb races to the calendar. First race will be the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series Red Wing Classic.


  1. Hey April its fun to read what you are up to! Always staying busy:) Hope you are recovering and congrats on IMSG, what a day! Amazing!

    1. Hey Julia! Didn't even know you had a blog...can't wait to read the latest! Thanks for saying hi and congrats on Gear West Du AND what sounds like a nasty St. Croix 70.3!