Monday, June 4, 2012


First off...this girl is obsessed!  Ever since my first mtb ride at Theo I have been completely hooked and can't stop talking about this new new adventure. I feel like mom and dad just came home with my first Huffy!!! Lets Ride!!  You see when it comes to most things for me there is no half assin's an either balls to the walls or no thanks ..and poor TCat I'm 100% certain he just sits back and laughs at how I digest these new experiences and won't shut up about them! 

Since I am a glutton for competition...before I even bought Hottie I was already google stalkin up a storm when and where I could race her!  I heard about these Buck Hill Thursday night races, they sounded pretty laid back and a nice pressure free opportunity to give er a go!  This would be only my 3rd time riding Hottie and I knew I was totally out over my skis on this one...and I was so nervous all day I probably peed 25 times!  I signed up for the Recreation Women Class which apparently only includes about 7/8 fact shockingly I would say women only represented about 10%  of all the racers.  Thank God I got there early enough to do a dodgy warm up loop at which I was quickly presented  with the opportunity to learn how to get passed, which proved to be a very valuable skill 30 minutes later. 

Race started at 6:30...first the Advanced Men, then Advanced women, Rec Men and finally Rec Women!  Boom!  We were off... I was a little hesitant (chicken shit) and surprised out of the gate how fast the pace was.... by the time we had made our way up to the start of the single track I was quite out of breath.  This was to be a 2 loop race for the rec wave.  I spent most of the 1st loop trying to figure out how this passing situation was and I was feeling like a red bull in a china shop when passing some of the rec men. The first gal had a mechanical and I was able to pass the other gal on one of the uphill road sections...suddenly I was in first and I couldn't believe it!  It was ridiculous and super sketchy riding as I was thinking "how could this be happening..I don't even know what hell I'm doing!" or much less where to go!  I started to feel more comfortable on the 2nd lap and things were flowing pretty smoothly...until crunch my chain flew up into my wheel...i had to stop and pull out the chain, and run up a few hills before able to mount my bike this point I WAS DYING!!! Total panic attack mid race and my heart rate must have been 200!  At this point some of the advanced men were catching me and it was feeling like a total cluster!  Of course I ddn't want to stall anyone...yet still wanted to ride as fast as I could. I was so relieved to finally finish the race and it was only 37 minutes long! I was shocked that I had won!  I had no idea these races could be this hard...and definitely was surprised at how much fun I!  The post race atmosphere is fantastic with everyone just chilling having a a beer and watching all the kid races...I even saw a 5 year old boy crash hard, hit his head...and then get right back up and finish!  Awesome! I was so stoked afterwards I couldn't fall asleep and pretty sure I spent the whole night dreaming about it!   Big thanks to Chris for helping me fix the rear derailleur situation and also fitting me properly on this bike...I already race again tomorrow...Elm Creek Sprint Series style!

Believe it or not there has been more fun to the past couple weeks than just racing!  We spent memorial day weekend in the CHI TOWN catching up with good friends Shan, Trav , CC and Matt! This was a somewhat central meeting spot since we're all scattered across the country now.  TCat and I went for a run Saturday along the lake shore...okay it was probably more of a jog..but still it was a good hedge for the 2 Chicago dogs, Geno's East and numerous bud light limes that was put away this weekend! See I even "trade" on the weekends :)  We all had a blast checking out the city and we roasted literally in 97 degree heat outside Millennium park!  Are we in Mexico? This was my first legit trip to Chicago and I really loved it!  Here is a late night photo with my two besties! What a couple Divas!

The Buffalo triathlon was my first race back in 2006 and ever since then it has held the crown for my very favorite local race!  They do such a spectacular job and it's no wonder they got 1600 people to sign up this year!  The race as usual went off without a hitch.  I was bummed to not be racing, but knew I wouldnt' get the result i wanted since still recovering...besides I was also more than stoked to just cheer for my TCat who was racing the Sprint as well as friends Lisa, Andrea, Jason, and Donnetto!  One bummer latte...that can never happen again.  The TCat had a fantastic race...taking 9th overall in what seemed to be a very competitive sprint race relative to recent years.  He was really throwing it at the end and I could tell by the pained expression on his face...I was so proud and happy to see him have a good race!  Lisa also raced strong as usual and looked so great on the run!  Jason always smiling and Donetto finishing as well...these 2 amaze me since they both competed with me only 4 weeks ago in the St. George hot mess than I have been trying to repress.

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