Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chisago Tri - Pool Party!

This past weekend the alarm went off disturbingly early for Chisago Lakes Tri.  Anytime the alarm goes off under 5 am it's brutal...and I boldly refuse to ever let it go off before 4 am unless we are heading to Mexico or something sweet like that...otherwise I can't think of any other reason worthy.  Tom on the other hand...don't know what it is, but on race day he wakes up like an 8 year old on his way to Valleyfair! I wish I was more like this...The drive out to Chisago was long..but I like that, just zoning out and I remember we we were having a random April career chat on the way out there...halfway through the chat I thought...hmm looks like someone is focused, not!

Chisago has always been one of my favorite races!  For whatever reason this race gets a really good turnout and usually most of my friends race one of the two distances.  Also, the sprint distance is rather bike heavy which suites me.   Heading into this race I was stoked to hammer the bike and felt as a result of the longer bike I would have a pretty good shot to to make it onto the podium.  Well as the saying goes...some days it just isn't your day.  This was not my day!  I felt alright on the swim and good for about 8 miles of the bike and then I just felt like straight up shat!.  I was hammering my legs as hard as they would and I just couldn't get the bike to cooperate.  It was a painful struggle and left  me 4th woman off the bike.  Not a good position to be in when running fast isn't your "thing."  So I got passed, and passed again and again and right before the finish again!  Just pour it on!! 

Finishing felt fantastic and I was stoked to see the infamous ice pool empty!  Since the water was still somewhat sanitary I went for the full on head under plunge!  To say this felt good would be a huge understatement!
Kathi snapped this shot....I think it looks like I'm about to give water birth!
I finished 8th and was a bit grumbly about my slow splits...but that quickly dissipated when I got my 2nd place age group MUG...I am loving this post race beer situation entering the tri scene!  I  raised my mug to my cute man who had a fabulous race finish 12th male overall and also placing in his age group!  Tom has been having a fantastic year thus far and I am so happy to see him race well!   I enjoyed seeing  Jeff and Christina get their podium mugs and also seeing Lisa have one heck of a half ironman finish in some nasty hot conditions! Dolan and Youness and E-Monster all also had great racing days! Love my friends!

In the afternoon I met up with Pam, Chris and Dan for some mtb loops at theo!  It was a hot day and after 2 more hours of riding I was totally smashed!!!  Gotta get these mountain legs ready for Ore to Shore in a couple weeks!

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