Monday, July 23, 2012

Racing Frenzy #5 - Lifetime Tri

Wow...I am in the midst of a crazy racing frenzy...and in fact rather than writing this post I should be face down on the floor foam rollin' out these horribly knotted up quads!

After Curious George I decided I wanted to play in the dirt and thus have been adding as many mountain bike races as possible to my already decided triathlon schedule which was arranged during my Its January, I feel so fit and races are at their cheapest phase.  That phase happens every year and no matter how much I try to control it I just can't and I overbook the shiz out of summer.  Tom LOVES this..not! 

Lifetime Tri was to be my 5th weekend in a row racing...out of my 8 week racing frenzy! Hard to believe that this race has never made its way onto my schedule...its just always lost out to one of my faves...Heart of the Lakes!  I'll Its July and its so friggin hot and humid phase had just kicked in and I was seriously dreading the 10k run that this race offered as desert!  Well guess what? I was hot and humid...but it sure was a lot of fun! I shared some good pre-race moments with Cindy before the swim (thanks for the extra hair tie...I still need to figure out how to manage this long haired chaos!) Since it was too hot to wear a wetsuit I was shocked to feel so good in the water and that momentum carried me through the bike. The was different story and I was happy to finish just above 2:25 and I believe 16th amateur woman.  It was really fun to see Tom and so many fans cheering on the run and it actually made me enjoy the 2 looper!  I remember Lisa kept reminding me that once this was over I never had to do this distance again.  Thanks helped!

One highlight of my day was seeing Andrea post race (photo above)!  After messing her back up over the weekend she went from not being able to stand up straight on Monday to racing on Saturday!  I work with this chica and let me tell you...she is one determined, amazing lady!  So proud of her and impressed by her passion!  Love this photo as it totally captures how smashed she is!

Also loving how my race medal also acts as a bottle cool?! However the grand finale had to be the post races beers in the Mich Ultra tent with Tom, Andrea and Ross...bottle opener not needed! Check out the carnage... I'm not driving! 

On a another final note...bring on the cyclocross nastiness! Meet Chilly Willy! You can see the resemblance...

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