Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well I'm not sure if you are even allowed to start blogging again after taking a 3 month hiatus, but who is writing the rules anyhow??

Of course a LOT has happened so I'll spare the gritty details outside of the fact that I am no longer a triathlete!!!  I know...shut the front door!  Randomly at times I felt like I was losing my identity...seriously??? don't be ridiculous.  Bottom line...I love to ride...and I've come to realize that the dirtier the better!

ouch...this hurts A LOT!
Ore to Shore was a blast as was Cheq 40.  I suffered, learned a lot and can't wait to better my results next year!  I spent 2 long weeks in a cast after a nasty mtb crash at Murphy. You want to play you have to pay I guess.  This fall has been a whirlwind.  I hoppped on a CX bike for the first time 1.5 months ago and I friggin love it!  I've probably raced cx more times in the last month then I raced tri's all year!  Let me tell you...this sport hurts!

Tommy on the other hand...he is still die hard triathlete which I adore and totally "get."  He has spent the fall mostly on the trainer in our living room....and rocking Ironman Florida in the lovely Panama City...aka...Red Neck Riviera.  This was to be his 5th Ironman and so proud of this man cuz for whatever reason some days you wake up and the sun doesn't wasn't his day. But finish times are not the spirit of's crossing that damn finish line that is. My cute man one up'd me crossing for the 5th time last weekend!  11:47 is a pretty damn good time!!

Not only did Tommy lay waste to Ironman did plenty more of my besties! Everyone perservered and finished...and actually most people PR'd.  The craziest thing on earth though....our good buddy Jeff Pearson was the 500,000th Ironman Finisher of all time.  Can you believe it?  1 in 500,000....fireworks went off when he crossed the line, it was incredible!

We celebrated afterwards with Corona's on the beach, way too much seafood and way to much fun!

I'm about to head out the door to Mill City CX sufferfest....then next weekend we're heading to Iowa City for 3 days of Jingle Cross Rock!! This cyclcross festival is supposed to be one of a kind!  It will be my first trip back to Iowa City since college in 2003. dang....

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