Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jingle Cross did not Rock.

Ok I lied... Jingle Cross Rock really did rock...just not for me on Day 1 and 2.  To avoid an overly Debbie Downer start to this post lets just say this.

2 Race Day Ending Mechanicals Back 2 Back  =  Thrown Bike and Hard Core Meltdown

The guys at Foundry are absolutely the best though and feeling sorry for me lent me one of their awesome Foundry Auger bikes for Day 3 and I was able to race hard not worrying about my bike and managed to nab the 3rd spot on the Cat 2/3 Podium.  Sure everyone else was racing on 2 day tired legs....but heck I was racing off the back of an emotional freak out....pretty much an even slate in my opinion.  I was hungry.

The race itself was awesome and will surely be a must do on my cx schedule next year.  It takes place at the fairgrounds in Iowa City.  There were logs you had to run over, a fly over, and we even rode through a barn with horse stables and Christmas music.  Then there was Mt Krumpit....a massive beast of a hill that they change up each day to add variety.  2 of the days it was a run up and 1 day was a ride up.  They also had some real sketchy off camber stuff you had to ride down 2 of the days....this stuff is my letting the rear wheel slide out on the turns...bas @ss!

Other big things...I SOLD MY TRI BIKE!  yes way!  Its official, I've decided to solely focus on mountain biking and cx racing!  This new adventure is so exciting for me that I've even decided to stop running...for now.   I've got big racing plans and yes new big goals for the 2013 season, so I need to win the lotto asap so I can afford them...but at least this does fit with my LIVE LIFE NOW motto.  Between both Tom and my race schedules we'll be racking up some serious  miles this year and also taking part in an extensive ghetto hotel tour.

oh...and LISA BOUGHT A FAT BIKE!!!!!!!!!!

I am so pumped for us to go riding and I"m already trying to convince her that yes its only right you race these bikes too... and yes you have to race with me in Marquette in Jan.  Road Trip!!!....oh and sorry we're staying at the Super 8.

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  1. Congrats on the third spot! And, congrats on your new CX adventures! I love your "live life now" motto :)