Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mill City CX Race

Brrr...what happened to the warm summer days.  Last weekends race in Bayport, MN was a frigid 30 degrees!  I was actually nervous to race my bike in these conditions as I had no clue what was the appropriate clothing choice.  Usually in these situations I go for the less is more option.  Well that option wasn't such a good option last weekend.

Half way through the 1st loop my fingers were freezing and I was already regretting my glove choice. After we made our way through the first creek crossing my feet were completely soaked!!! Crossing a creek is gnarly cool as you can see below....and I was super stoked about this feature....however, by the time the race was over it was a full on sprint to the car to warm up my toes!  Yikes I am scared for State and Nats as I'm sure it will only be colder!

It was a a pretty good race for me, I had a good start and was happy to be riding in the top 3 for the majority of the race trading places wtih Jen. She suffered a flat on the 2nd to last lap so I was able to ride to 2nd place. 

We are currently in  in Iowa City for Jingle Cross Rock.  First 2 days have gone horribly with a couple mechanical dnf's...UGH!!!! I am really good at breaking bikes, I've learned this is one my strengths.  Fortunately the QBP guys are letting my ride a Foundry Auger demo for tomorrows race....hoping to at least FINISH the darn thing!

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  1. You are bad a$$! Hope jingle cross went well!