Friday, December 14, 2012

SNOW!!! and a Birthday!

December 7th is a new birthday...apparently.

What they really should have said was "Whiting Clinic would like to congratulate you for surviving 60 seconds of brutality."   Okay so the Lasik surgery was brief and perhaps I was just slightly uniformed (and suffering some kind of nasty stomach bug), but for all those people who said Lasik was pain free...they lied!
But was worth it.  And honestly I'd probably pay 5 times as much. because my new reborn eyes rock!  Throwing away all the contact chaos was mighty liberating!

As was tromping around in the snow last weekend on the Greaser!! I woke up Saturday to a facebook post from a buddy that said "I hope you're taking the fat bikes out today." It seriously felt like Christmas morning...I was stoked. 

Lisa and I ripped around for a couple hours exploring a nearby trail and enjoying the MPLS lakes.  We each only fell once...not bad for riding in 6 inches of snow!

On the "training" front I've already been in the pain cave twice this week and am already seeing some power improvement since early November.  1 month til Natz. A month without racing just might kill me. Thank God I have a winter of fat bike racing to look forward to! 

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