Saturday, December 8, 2012

State CX Championships

Last weekend was the much anticipated State CX Championships!  I was super pumped for the 2 day event....I had a fresh new Foundry race kit and was stoked to be able to race the Foundry Auger again!  In fact I was so excited on Saturday that I FORGOT TO CHECK IN!! You're kidding right?  After doing what feels like 100s of races, for some reason checking in and getting my race # didn't occur to me until 1:26 PM (race start was 1:30 PM) when the announcer stated "make sure your numbers are properly pinned on your left side."  

SHIT!! Seriously?  I had warmed up for an hour in freezing temps, my friends had braved the cold to come out and watch me and now I was screwed and probably not going to be able to race.  I freaked out and ran into the warming house where check in was and in crazy Hurricane April style pleaded with them to help me hurry and get my #!  They told me they got it and for me to run out to the start line and they would bring my #!  The nice gentleman even ran out and pinned the # on my back as I was standing at the start line.  Lisa ran back into the warming house to grab my bike gloves I had ripped off in the middle of my freakish frenzy!   I looked down at my watch and it was1:29 and then the whistle blew.
Getting pinned up and pointing Lisa in the direction of my bike gloves.
My coach Matt told me to go for the hole shot and so I ripped out of the start gate and I GOT IT! Tom said the race announcer had no idea who I was!  I couldn't believe it myself! In fact I hardly even knew where I was supposed to turn!! I was quickly passed and tried my best to hang onto the front group but lost them after a super sketchy dismount in the sand pit.  Then as I was starting the 3rd lap and trying to gap the gal behind me I took a turn too wide and got my handlebar tangled in the course tape.  Oh "F"...what happens now I wondered? I figured the tape would probably just snap and so I held on tight and then WHAM!  I went down hard!!  guess not :)  I got up quickly and was stoked to have kept my place in the race however the next time I went to shift..CLANK, CLANK, SMASH.  I knew instantly I had broken the derailleur! RACE OVER!!! Not again...Boo.
I figured the Foundry Boys weren't gonna let me ride me ride their bikes anymore (I wouldn't blame them), however far the opposite! They helped me get a new derailleur installed that day so I could race again on Sunday! They Rock!  Sunday was the Age Group state races and things went much better.  I got the hole shot again was able to stay with the top girls until the middle of the 2nd lap.  Finally I didnt' break my bike!!!
I was able to race well enough to win the 25-34 age group race.  It was fun to climb to the top step as I haven't done that in awhile! And since this was state they give out State Champion jerseys! All in all though I just love racing CX and the culture and the atmosphere and all the girls have been so welcoming and it's just been such a blast getting to know a lot of cool new people!  Thanks to all my friends that came to support me this weekend and to my parents for braving the cold. My mom definitely thinks I'm going to kill myself but I love her cuz she still supports the hell out of me!  Big thanks to the guys at Foundry and to Carlos for capturing Saturday's story.

Now its time for some serious power intervals and VO2 max training to get ready for Nationals in January.  Bring on the pain.

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  1. Rock star! Congrats on your first place podium finish, girl! Can't wait to see what you do at nationals!