Saturday, January 12, 2013

CX Nationals Day 1...playin' in the mud!

On the drive down to Mad Town it was pouring buckets...and I was beyond stoked for the mudfest that it appeared God was workin' up for my first CX Nationals! Needless to was EPIC!

I woke up early Friday to make sure I had a chance to get in a proper pre-ride. Verona was like a big huge FogFest and the course conditions were insane!!  It was like a huge giant ice cream sundae!!  There was mud everywhere and some icy sections where it was seriously hard to tell that it was icy...awesome. There was this one steep hill was so icy that I fell on my face just trying to walk my bike up it!   I kept myself fairly clean on the first lap, but then all hell broke loose on the second lap and I fell right on my ass down a giant mud slide!   My pony tail even looked like dreads (so that's how they do it!!)  

I was glad to have pre-ridden the course, but I'll be honest I was nervous to race...mostly because I was concerned about the course conditions totally kicking my ass.  Having read the book "The Secret" and totally believing in the law of attraction I knew this was not good....

Yesterday's race was the 30-34 Female race.  Since I turn 30 this year (yikes) I aged up.  Crap! What the heck happened?  It's like I woke up yesterday and I'm no longer a young pup!  So my start was not pretty (probably cuz I'm older now)... but still manageable...however as we were entering the first grassy/muddy section for some reason I couldn't get my bike to shift into the small ring and then of course like a goon I was looking down at the crankset thinking shift you bitch and then BAM!!  I hit some ice and gave the starting crowd a nice sloppy show! Well at least I got that outta the way I thought and picked up my bike which ironically was now in the small ring and quickly realized something was not right with my rear derailleur (again!!).  I swear no one should ever allow me within 5 feet of anything expensive! 

I managed to bend back the derailleur enough a couple times to make it over to the pit to grab my pit bike which ended up saving my race.  I was able to pass 4 gals throughout the last couple of laps and despite my 2 or 3 other gnarly muddy wipe outs I had a total blast.  The crowd was amazing, cheering super loud, banging cowbells and they were stoked with how covered in mud I already was on the first lap!!!  This is why I love cyclocross.  Sure I was bummed because I'm competitive and this wasn't the race I imagined, but how can you not smile when you are covered in mud??!!.  I am a one lucky girl that I get to do this on the weekends and besides, getting this dirty sure as hell makes me feel like a young pup!

Pretty sure after this weekend the AmericInn definitely lost money on the $40/night rate!!!  We left the housekeeper a lovely tip in the hopes that she'll keep our little secret :)

Tom is a rockstar for making this trip with me right on the back of a long week traveling out east visiting some of his dealers. Love him!!!   He captured the moments of the day yesterday and also snapped this one last week of George Hincatty the shop cat at one of his dealers, Bicycle Revolution.  Another Ginja!!! Kinda looks like Chubbs.

Tomorrow is the Elite Women's goal is to not get lapped!  It's supposed to get real cold tonight so I'm guessing yesterday's mudfest will be tomorrow's icefest!  I should probably go get some knee pads.


  1. So awesome, April! You are hardcore racing in this weather… I'm wimping out running outside today and am hitting the dreadmill and pool instead :)

    Best of luck today!

  2. Thanks Erin! Hope you're staying warm and that P2 is giving you some peeps to suffer with!