Monday, January 14, 2013

CX Nats Day 2

Let's start by saying that finally! for the first time I FINISHED both CX races this weekend! That in and of itself was a huge accomplishment for me.  No, this didn't mean that I didn't crash and/or break any bikes, I was just fortunate enough to have a bike in the pit this time around!

Sunday's temp was a frigid 16 degrees.  I made a lame attempt to keep my toes warm with duck tape.  Yeah, that pretty much lasted through warm up!  The warm up tent  they had set up with trainers was awesome...however I was still freezing my rear off.

The Elite Women's race had 72 starters and I'm pretty sure I had about the 65th call up! My main goal for this race was stay on my bike, race hard and hopefully not get pulled before the final lap!  I had a great start and seemed to be passing people immediately.  I felt way better on the course vs Friday.  The course was pretty much a frozen bumpy rutted up mess!  It actually very much suited the the mountain biker as choosing the best line was extremely important.  At times it even felt a bit like single track as you had to really pick your spots to pass. 

I made it through the first 2 laps without crashing (crazy I know).  I had to switch bikes in the pit twice during the short race as so much mud was flying up and freezing onto the bike  making it impossible to ride (thanks Tom for cleaning my dirty bike -- muah!) .  Those without pit bikes were pretty much screwed. Unfortunately I did crash once on the 3rd lap and ended up getting pulled right before the last lap.   However I knew I had raced well and was overall pleased.  When the results were posted I figured I was about 50th or so....when I saw 32nd place I was beyond elated!  This result far exceeded my goals for this race and I couldn't be happier!!  I will admit that Friday's lackluster race had me questioning if some of my 2013 goals were unrealistic. Ending my first cyclocross season on this note feels incredible. 

On the pit bike!

Huge thanks to the guys at Foundry Cycles as they were kind enough let me use their Auger bike for both State and Nats.  And, they even let me train on it in between!  I absolutely love this bike!  It's super responsive and it handles the corners like a serious badass!.  A special shout out to Chris (Bicycle Fit Guru) who has more than a normal amount of patience for my bike fit drama.  He had this Auger set up perfectly and I felt so awesome on it!  Also thanks to Larry, Lev and Sophie at The Fix Studio.  Their power based classes smash the sh*t out of me each week.  Lastly, a big thanks to my new coach Matt whose attention to detail totally rocks.  We've made huge strides  in only 2.5 months of working together.  I'm am so pumped to chase all our mtb goals this summer. 

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  1. Way to go, April! An awesome season… can't wait to watch you in 2013!