Monday, January 7, 2013

Frosty Frolic & Cold Bear Challenge

Tom, Lisa, Jeff, Eric and Christina (not pictured) all ripped it up Saturday morning at the Annual Frosty Frolic 5k.  This race holds my 5K unofficial PR, however this year I figured since I hadn't run in 2 months  it was probably best to sit er out!  You see I left my running legs on the beach in Panama City.  Hopefully they will be a little tanner the next time 'round.

I spent most of the morning checking to make sure the coffee was still warm.  I did get out and bare the elements though to snap this photo of Tommy killing it! 

Afterwards Jeff was a fab host providing more coffee, treats and the worlds best egg bake (that says a lot coming from a girl that thinks scrambled eggs are straight up nasty!   

Afterwards Tom was a trooper and joined me for an easy ride on the cx bike out on the lakes.  He paved a nice trail for me with his Moonlander. I figured since Madison had 16 inches of snow a few weeks back I had better make sure I could actually ride the cx bike in snow.  Mission accomplished!  Which means now I am stoked to race!  Only 5 more days!

Sunday marked the date of my first fat bike race and wow it was hard!!! and Crazy fun. Cold Bear Challenge had awesome turn out for the race and in fact didn't even plow out enough parking space!!  I however need a lesson on tire pressure apparently as I probably ran up half the hills since I kept spinning out! And man...there were a lot of hills!  The Cold Bear challenge was a blast though and I can't wait to try and better my time in a couple weeks!  The post race bonfire was the bomb!

Now its back to work and counting down the hours.  Tom's traveling out east somewhere and I'm picking him up Thursday afternoon at the airport en route to Madison.  Btw...this marks the start of our extensive ghetto hotel tour (or more so my mission to find the cheapest, reasonable enough hotels out there) and I must say I scored big time on this one!  We pricelined a Madison West 2.5 star hotel for $40 per night!  We got lucky too with the Americinn Madison West.  For $20/person we get a nice enough bed to sleep in, a continental breakfast and free happy hour drinks and snacks in the evenings. Seriously?  We actually "pick" this place when we go to watch Ironman Madison.  Life is good!

Meanwhile...los gatos have been getting after it!!  I think Chubbs won this one.

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  1. I am SO excited for you, April! Best of luck this weekend!