Monday, January 28, 2013

Noque Fat Bike Race

Holy cow I am smashed!  I think I've eaten more junk food in the last 24 hours than I've eaten in the past 6 months. I even managed to scarf down a McDonald's double cheeseburger  on the way home (wtf???) Apparently racing in the snow is a lot harder than... well not racing in the snow!

This is all Lisa's fault...
Lisa and I arrived into Marquette around 4:30 on Friday. Actually it was 5:30 as we had completely forgot that Marquette was a different time zone!  We quickly unpacked the car and made our way over to the Expo to check in for the race and to see my cute man!  I got a super cute hat for racing the 50K and Lisa totally got the shaft as no hats for the 24K.  I felt bad for her...but not bad enough to give her this sweet hat though!!!! 

Afterwards we had dinner at my favorite Marquette restaurant, L'Attitude for a pre-race feast. They even had Hop Slam on of Lisa's favorite brews!
NOT a good starting wonder no one else is by me!

Saturdays 50K Fat Bike World Championships was surely epic. And well I can't really compare this race to anything else that I've done.  About 30 minutes into the chaos I was wondering Why in the hell am I doing this again?  I had a horrible start, which I totally deserved since I arrived in typical April is super late peeling into the parking lot with 15 minutes til start fashion.  You see actually I'm so used to this that it doesn't even fluster me and in all realty I'm rather relaxed when this happens and I like not having to think about the race right beforehand. this instance pre-riding, warming up and figuring out a good place to line up at the start would have been a great idea so that I didn't end up doing this right from the gun!

Hey...that's Robert Pretts from MPLS right next to me!
I did manage to suffer my way up to one of the front groups and was fairly happy with my spot but then all hell broke loose and suddenly we were hiking up massive snowy hill after snowy hill and I felt like i was in some kind of crazy ass adventure race of sorts. I crashed so many times I seriously lost count. 90% of these crashes involved me riding down a hill super fast thinking I am so awesome, I am such a bad ass and then all the sudden  I'd catch my front tire on a snowy rut and then squiggle, squiggle, ahhhh, boom!!!  And these weren't the kind of crashes you probably are imagining... these were full out superman style yard sales.  In fact at one point I was descending this powdery steep downhill onto one of the lake crossings when the guy in front of me hit the powder at the bottom and totally wiped out....I hit the brakes as hard as I could and there was nothing I could do but t-bone the hell out of his bike, abort, and fall right on top of him!! Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

At about the 24K point of the race things improved dramatically and the trail was much more rideable. I rode as hard as I could and the volunteers cheering at the aid stations were so much fun!! Finally after navigating my way through a bunch of skiers and snow shoe racers the dome was in sight!  I had done it, I had finished!!!  Man that was hard....I was trashed!!! This is some ridiculous post race buzz smile or somethin like that...

KBC Pick Axe Blonde Ale has never tasted so good!  I was 2nd female and very pleased with my effort. I even got a pretty kick ass Cowbell!  You can never have too much cowbell.    We celebrated afterwards in Cajun style with some of the QBP/Salsa folks as well as Evan from the Sports Rack!

Photo by Scott Chambers

Sunday was the 24K Fat Bike race and I figured that since I was up there and there was actually some nice snow I might as well race! When in Rome... This was also to be Lisa's first fat bike race!!  I was ecstatic for her to lose her snow bike race virginity.  The start was pretty much at the half way point of Saturday's race which meant the course was almost entirely downhill. They had also freshly groomed the course the night before and the riding conditions were perfect! I had an awesome start and grabbed on to the lead pack right away.  I could tell my legs were a tad tired from the previous days shenanigans however for some reason they just wanted to rip!  I felt super strong and was able to easily bridge any gaps that formed throughout the race.  I rode with the top 6 people for most of the race until the lead group started to break apart.  At one point I had to put my foot down to avoid crashing and I lost my draft.  This meant a LOT of suffering for the last 5K of the race.  I entered a serious snow bike pain cave in an effort to keep them in sight!  I was beyond stoked when I crossed the finished line...1st female and 4th Overall!!!  Sitting on your bike post race feels amazing!!! 

Lisa crossed the line soon after and a ton of fun!  She passed this older lady in the last mile of the race and at the finish you could tell that lady was crabby...way to go Lisa!!!  We mowed down some post race donut holes and coffee and picked up another couple cowbells.  Like I can never have too much cowbell!!!

It took us forever to get out of town as Tom made like three stops to pick up his favorite UP beer.  Of course a stop at Blackrocks  was a must for a couple growlers!!  I can't wait til we get to go back to Marquette for Ore to Shore!!! This was waaaayyyyyy too much fun!

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  1. Damn, girl! You are awesome! Congrats on a fantastic weekend of podiums finishes! And, congrats to Lisa on her first fat tire race! You almost make me want to try it :)