Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lonely Ginger

Where's Tom???
Well its sure been a lonely and quiet week around here with just me and the cats.  Tom's "working" in Michigan all week visiting bike shops and giving fat bike demos.  Sure sounds ruff.  Work for me this week involved driving to horribly cold (and boring) places in Iowa and freezing my ass off touring plants.  How's that for comparison? Pretty sure my work trips are way cooler.

Cheers to the freaken weekend though cuz tomorrow I'm on vacation!! Lisa and I fully intend to chatty-kathy it up all the way to Northern Michigan for the Noque!!! In fact I've been avoiding the urge to text/email her all week long so I can assure we'll have at least 12 hours worth of chatting to jam into our 7 hour drive.  There is also likely to be some Coldplay mixed in there...and unfortunately probably Subway too. 

BUT I am looking forward to a lot of this:

AND a lot of this!!!

See Tom's already been rubbing it in by sending me photos of my favorite UP brewed beer!! Of course he's doing this while he's "working."

The NOQUE 50K race on Saturday is a part of the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series which is this awesome new series that involves 6 races throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  I plan to also do the Frozen 40 and the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout.  Bring on the pain!  Sunday I imagine I'll be slightly dehydrated/carbo loaded from all the Pick Axe I'll be consuming Sat night!.  I figure if I'm up there I might as well race both days eh?!  Besides I would never miss out on Lisa's first off road tour!

Sunday also is my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary!  That's a lot of years!  I'm super blessed to have super great parents.  This photo is so them! 

“We don't laugh because we're happy -- we're happy because we laugh.” - William James

Its still crazy cold here and at least twice a day I remind myself that I need to move somewhere warmer asap.  Of course I'll forget about that come spring.  So for now I am just sitting here drinking another glass of hot tea, staring at my trainer wishing it would ride itself.

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