Saturday, January 19, 2013

Runaway's friggin cold!

Only in Minnesota do you wake up in the morning and say "wow it's nice outside" and then realize when you get in your car that is only 32 degrees out!   And...only in Minnesota does the temperature drop by 35 degrees in one day.  So it goes... I've secretly been counting down the days until Bonelli when we can escape this frozen tundra.

Speaking of's has been snowing up a storm in Marquette, MI the past couple of days which means the Noquemanon World Championship Snow Bike race next weekend should be a total blast!  Tom's heading to Michigan early this week for work and Lisa and I are pumped for our Friday road trip!  I am racing both the 50K on Saturday and the 25K on Sunday.  Sunday's 25K will be Lisa's first ever fat bike race and I'm super stoked for her!!!  I also can't wait to hit up the Blackrocks Brewery Saturday night! 

Now that CX Season is over its time to gear up for mountain bike season. Which means...let the bike building begin!!!! Here is a sneak peak at this years racing steed...yes the red spokes were a must!

Of course I couldn't resist building up my wheels with some Schwalbe Racing Ralphs!!  I love these tires!  In fact does everybody remember Runaway Ralph from when they were a child? I must have rented that video from the library 15 times!  This is exactly what it feels like when I'm on my mountain bike sans Racing Ralphs!

Also, today I finally got around to uploading some files onto STRAVA!  Yes folks, I have officially enter the world of virtual competition...which means apparently now I can race all week long! Time to go after some QOMs...and maybe even some KOMs for that matter. Watch out boys!!!

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  1. Good luck this weekend, April!

    Watch out… you won't have those QOMs for long :) I will be stealing them back!