Friday, January 4, 2013

This Bike has Changed My Life

Dramatic I know...but seriously it has!!!!!  I swear the last 6 winters (including this one) have been extremely a riding your bike too much on the trainer kind of way. I was spending most Saturday's and Sunday's either boxed in at the PIT or in my lame living room watching some not so great movies on the trainer.... Those winters were REALLY long. 

But now I have an awesome fat bike and a Salsa Beargrease none the less. I've named him The Greaser..Tom keeps telling me this is another word for turd...whatever. For real though, I can't begin to describe how much this has impacted my life.   I no longer have have to ride the trainer on the weekends, which means more vitamin D and a much happier me. Now if I could just get God to work on that whole sun going down at 4:30 PM nonsense.

The best thing about the The Greaser is that it doesn't matter how cold or how crappy it is outside...I can still go out and ride!  I finally can confirm that the old and often times annoying saying "there is no such thing as too cold, just the wrong clothing" is actually true!  I've ridden in temps as low as 9 degrees so far and sometimes I'm actually so bundled up  in awesome gear that I'm sweating my ass off! 

Here is my fab five for winter gear
  1. Pearl Izumi lobster gloves (seriously...where have you been all my life?)
  2. 45North Wolvhammer boots
  3. Craft storm tights
  4. 45North balaclava
  5. Sugoi winter riding jacket
That's it!   Just those 5 items combined with the usual stuff an average cyclist would already own and your can ride in any type of weather. can even race.

Which is what I'm gonna do, this Sunday at the Cold Bear Challenge at HillSide Park!  I seriously can't wait.  I've been spending tons of time at Elm Creek park as of late ripping up the single track and can't wait to see what its like to race in the snow!  Besides...enough training already. 

Next weekend is CX Natz in Madison, WI.  I'll admit its been hard to keep focus on this race since State was month ago (plus my fun fat toy is distracting).  But I am stoked to race and I've been praying real hard that it snows cuz that would be super epic!

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  1. What? I had no idea greaser was another name for turd! You learn something new everyday!