Monday, February 25, 2013

A POWERful Week!

This past weekend was a much needed break from racing and a chance to get caught up on life. It also meant that I got to do 2 classes this week at The Fix Studio!!!  Tom and I heard about Larry and Sophie's power based classes about 3 years ago, we immediately were hooked!  Having never trained with power I was amazed at the results I was seeing in just a short period of time. These classes are down right hard that's forsure, but the best thing about them is they are individualized based upon each riders own personal power threshold and its a 8 to 1 athlete to coach ratio which means trust me there isn't any hiding!  Larry and Sophie definitely helped instill in me the less is often more concept.  On top of all that Larry, Sophie and Lev are genuinely great people, as well as their mechanic Aaron who as of late has been keeping our bikes in great working form and also just finished installing this!!!

I know I know I know, I was that girl that said she was never going to race or train with power. I just like racing on feel I would repeat sounding oddly organic.  In fact I admit I hate technology for the most part as it totally complicates things and messes with my mind. Besides those heart rate monitors feel like they are suffocating me!  Sometimes the best thing to do to an analytical person is to make it nearly impossible for them to think about anything. So as you might have guessed this thing is already driving me nuts with inconsistent power #s and apparently per my discussion with SRAM there is some breaking in period.  Of course I'm just impatient and all will be great in a few days. Its true...I hope.  Since I started training with with my new cycling coach this past fall  its pretty obvious the benefits power will have on this relationship and the gains we'll be able to make. Besides, the achiever in me is dying to see from time to time that the hard work I'm putting in is actually creating some more watts.  cuz lets face it...more power = more speed. 

I've also just purchased my first history book ever!

Chris has been telling me about how much of a bad ass biker Juli Furtado was back in the day.  Since i was too young and obsessed with basketball in 1998 when this book was published I'm dying to learn more about her.  Maybe even some day I will race like her.  I have been staring at this book all night trying to refrain from reading it until our trip to California in a couple weeks, however I did turn the first page to see this and I almost spit out my tea...

yep those are dolphin earrings!! I so remember when dolphin jewelery was hot!

 Oh...and today is also Vito's 1st birthday!  I remember almost 1 year ago driving all the way to Owatonna with my mom to adopt this little fellow based solely off a pretty sweet photo! He meowed like a beast the whole ride home. I remember my grandma saying you drove all the way to Owatonna?.  Damn right we did, and now we have a pretty sweet almost 15 lb addition to the family.  He's really is pretty cool, almost like a dog in fact as he'll play fetch with a ball and he's smart too opening up drawers, cabinets and purses. Yeah basically like living with a toddler.  Poor Chubbs is still trying to adjust, but finally she keeps her yap shut and doesn't meow at 3 in the morning!


  1. Ha… I remember the dolphin rage!

    The Fixx sounds so awesome! I should really check it out one of these days…

    Happy birthday, Vito!

  2. When were you at the Fix this week? I go MW in the mornings but was out of town on Monday and had an alarm malfunction on Wednesday. I like the small group format too, finally starting to get to know a few people.

    The funny thing about training with power is that after you use it for a few years, you don't actually need it that much. I know my zones and what each feels like and when I've stuck the thing in my pocket and just rode by feel, guess what, I'm usually spot on.