Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hillside Sufferfest

I woke up Sunday am incredibly stoked for Fat Bike Fest 2013!  The snow was falling like crazy and we had ourselves a winter storm...how great!  It was so rad that I even questioned if I was being a total idiot for venturing out to Elk River in my car.  But I figured I could drive like a grandma and race like an animal, and I was smiling so big that I could barely fit it in the car.  I used to think that I could ride my fat bike anywhere, through snow, sand, fire, lava, mud you name it....well man did things sure come crashing down to earth in rapid epic form!!  

It only took about 30 seconds into the race until I was unable to clip in.  And boy do I suck at steering my bike when I'm not clipped in....give me back my training wheels!!!  The snow was perfect for making snowmen, but was wrecking serious havoc on my race day fun. 

snowball pedals...lovely
Since I couldn't clip in I walked every single stinking hill.  And yes, they don't call this HILLside park for nothing! I tried to keep positive....I at least going to be able to eat dinner guilt free that night and since I was hiking up every hill this probably counted towards some kind of endurance/leg workout?!.  That helped keep the peace upstairs, but in general it was a long 3.1 mph slog for 7 miles.  So it was a bust, but that's alright since race day atmosphere totally rocked and I'll live to race another day!

Walk Up, Ride Down and repeat.... Thanks Mister Moose for the photo!

In fact, I'm already over it since Frozen 40..yes 40, is this Saturday!  It's gonna be cold and I'm already trying to sort out how I'm gonna keep warm for 5 ish hours (I hope), much less consume enough non-frozen fuel to make it 40 miles.  Awesome Tom is coming to give me hand ups each lap!  I'm sure payback for this race day support will be a total biotch come Ironman Texas. 

On another note we have had a breakthrough in our campsite!  Everyone always asks us where we keep our bikes in this tiny little apartment...well here it is folks!  We call this free wall ART! 

Also, Vito told me yesterday that he's decided to race cx next year too. In fact he is already trying to stake claim on my Salsa Chili Con Crosso...silly cat.


  1. Bikes are the best art!

    Hope you had an Frozen 40 race!

    1. Thanks Girly! Congrats on being an auntie! Excited for you! Less than 7 months until you'll be and Ironman, can you believe it?

  2. Sorry I didn't get to join you out there! Bummed to have missed the push-a-bike fest!