Monday, February 4, 2013

If you build it, he will come...

I can't believe it.  I just keep staring at it, I can't believe this is my bike,  it's MY Foundry brand new racing steed that weighs under 20 lbs.  Is this Heaven? 

I started dreaming about building this bike late last summer.  I love the black stealth look of the Foundry frames, they are super light and responsive.  And I love their slogan, "It's a tool, not a trophy."  You see these bikes aren't for show...they are meant to be ridden HARD.  And If you know anything about know I am  hard on bikes.  Well actually I'm pretty much hard on most things! But for real, this is my work of art... my Mona Lisa, my Eiffel's it just needs some dirt on it!

Well that was definitely the grand finale of a pretty decent weekend.  Since I was sick and coach banned me from all my weekend training/racing fun I decided to take advantage.  Instead of riding I spent the first half of Saturday drinking coffee; something I'm getting very good at. The thing is I'm no coffee snob, in fact I rarely discriminate, I just love the coffee experience, I can't even explain it.
My sat am coffeefest started out at the Angry Catfish watching the Elite Women's CX World Championships while also indulging in an amazing bloody courtesy of the Foundry gang.  Afterwards I met up with Tom, Lisa, Jeff and Christina at the Fireroast Cafe for more coffee and what I deem to be the worlds best breakfast sandwich!   Pretty sure It wasn't until 2 pm that I stopped drinking coffee.  Beautiful Day! 

Sunday I figured I had better do something after 11 hours of sleep and ventured alongside Tom's 10 mile run.  Turns out I can ride next to him and still be technically in my "recovery ride" zone.  So I lucked out and I got to stare at this fine ass for 75 minutes.

Then just as I was about to freeze my toes and fingers off we were distracted by the start of the Penn Cycle Fat Tire Loppet race that was going on...the race the non-sick version of me was supposed to be racing.  Some days your timing is just perfect  though and this was one of those moments as I was able to capture this awesome photo!

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  1. Wowza. Your new wheels are sick! Yay for a new bike! Can't wait to get my tri bike :)

    And, I LOVE that loppet pic!

    Hope you're feeling better!