Friday, February 1, 2013

"STRAVA!! Coming through!"

I told you all about the gnarly downhill crash I had where I pretty much had no choice other than to t-bone the hell out of a random dude.  Well here is proof....caught on camera.  Huge thanks to Andy Gregg from Marquette Photo for capturing the moment!!!  this is probably the sweetest fat bike photo of all time!

This photo does an incredible job of displaying my kick ass 45NRTH Wolvhammer Boots which are super warm and toasty.  It's funny too cuz the dude I'm totally smashing is wearing the Lake boots.  The guys at 45NRTH totally loved it and ran with it creating a giveaway for the best caption!  as of the time fo this post there were 472 captions...all pretty hilarious and I'm not sure how you could pick just one. 
There are my top ten favs: 
  1. Landon Profaizer "I Love you honey, dinner's at six"
  2. Kurt Franke "So what if my jacket and rims DO match... at least I'm upright."
  3. Leslie Egenberger Constable "I'm totally gonna kick her ass now!"
  4. Greg Herold Should have been wearing wolvhammer boots!
  5. Jay Goude There's a fart down
  6. Michael Macone "Bob, I told you that you couldn't keep up with the girls, but, no, you had to come along anyway and ruin our fun".
  7. Kevin Hinton you just got "Greased "
  8. Andolina O'Lexey I'll see you at the Cinnabun, loser!
  9. Dan Funke Yardsale with a ramp.
  10. Bobby Ketchum "STRAVA!! Coming through!"
On a lame note I've caught a punk of a cold and I'm super crabby about it!  It's totally messing up my weekend plans to smash at the Fix Studio and also to do the Fat Tire Loppet.  "Momma said there'd be days like this."  So I have a lovely weekend of rest, recovery and no racing :(  But the good news is hopefully I can avoid getting bronchitis like I did last year when I tried to train through a cold like a dumbass.  2 weeks til Frozen 40, 4 weeks til Cuyuna Whiteout and only 6 weeks until Bonelli US Cup!!!!  Yikes!

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  1. That picture is fantastic! Did you get the strava segment?! :)

    Hope you're feeling better!