Friday, March 8, 2013

All-City X Fulton Racing Team

It's fair to say I've been obsessed with Fulton ever since Lonely Blonde hit the local scene!  In fact in our house I've coined the phrase "Lonely Blonde you're not "lonely" anymore!"  But now that they have gone hog wild and decided to sponsor a cyclocross team.... hell, I love them even more! 

You see All-City and Fulton got together this winter and on a mission to support the local cyclocross scene they have developed the All-City X Fulton Team for 2013!!  The team consists of 18 pretty awesome folks that all share the same passion to ride hard, have fun and drink damn good local beer! I feel incredibly fortunate and stoked to be a member of this team! 

Whisky has decided to dream up some green forks for our bikes and Twin Six has also shared some serious love by putting together some bad ass kits.  Yes, looking good is always important! 

Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors for making this opportunity possible!!!!
Fulton Brewery
Whisky Parts Co.
One on One
Twin Six
Cars R Coffins
Bike Jerks

I can't wait to race CX!  In the meantime we plan to start up some group rides in April leaving from the brewery which will be open to all, so I'll keep ya in the loop, come check it out, and let's ride!


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations, April! Sweet jerseys!

  2. Too cool! Congratulations to you! Smart choice on their part.