Friday, March 15, 2013

Breakin' in the Broadaxe...Endo Style!!!

So you know how they say when you buy a new house or car, you should properly "break it in?"  Well I say that when you buy a new bike you should properly break that in as well with a gnarly dirty crash on your first ride!!! Oh... and going head over handlebars = bonus points!!!  So yes, I have officially tasted dirt for the first time this season!!!!

Post Crash Smilin'

Yesterday I got to meet coach!!! Who is super rad btw.  He met up with Tom and I for a a couple hours of pre-riding on the Bonelli Us Cup race course!. Cali welcomed us warmly with temps above 90 degrees and I was sweating before we even started!  The course was already marked for the most part and what I learned very quickly was, damn this course is hilly as hell!!!  My tongue was pretty much touching the dirt on the first lap as I was trying to shake out my airplane legs and adapt to the 60 degree change in temp!! This was also my first ride in the dirt on my new bike and yikes was I sketchy that first lap. The downhill pace felt super fast and I was missing my 4 inch tires! By the 2nd lap I was starting to feel a lot more confident at which point I picked up the pace a bit on a turn and then BAM!!  Yep, I was flying over the handlebars.... awesome.  Smoked my head, scraped my skin up a bit, but otherwise all was well!!!  For some reason there is a sick thrill when this happens, kind of like cheating death or something! Tom and Matt definitely had some concerned looks on their face, but I dusted myself off and carried on.  Better now than Saturday I figured.  Besides getting a crash out of the way makes me feel a little more at one with the trail.  Finally by the 3rd lap I was feeling great and Matt and I had all the best lines picked out.  Ready to rock!! Tom for not riding mountain much was killing it and he didn't even crash once!  On the last lap he even let out his famous battle cry!!!  Those of you who have ridden with Tom have already experienced the force and volume of these legendary belches...I think Matt however was in shock!

Tom and I finished off the day by shoving our faces with some fresh sushi!!! and then heading back to our hotel.  We scored an killer deal on Priceline by getting a suite at the Sheraton about a mile away from Bonelli Park for only $61/night! You can't even stay at the super 8 for that!! (ain't nobody got time for that! - Sweet Brown)  The room is awesome and the hotel in general is super nice, and a big score on our ghetto hotel tour!

Huge thanks to Mark and Lala at Incycle for setting up my Foundry and having it all race ready!  This saved all the stress of having to lug my bike through the airport and then having to unpack and set it all up.  Incycle Rocks!

Now its time for 1 last easy pre-ride then rest up and bring on the racing fun! 

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  1. Your bike is bad-ass, and love that twin six jersey!

    The few times I've mountain biked, I would agree… crashing in the woods has a sick thrill to it. I flew off the trail at lebanon and laughed the entire time!

    Ride fast this weekend!