Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout

WOW!  Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout was a blast!  I can't believe how awesome the trails are up there and I absolutely can't wait to head back up there the for day trips this summer.  Who knows maybe we'll even get crazy and camp for a night...yeah probably not.

Tom's cousin Todd and Aunt Sandra live up in Brained so we were lucky to get to see them Friday night, feast on an amazing home cooked meal (something Tom rarely gets around our place) and also get a good nights rest.  Morgan their awesome boxer pup slept in between Tom and I all night cute! He's of course named after Todd's favorite cocktail!

We woke up rather early to head over  to Crosby to check in and make sure my Husker Du's were going to be the right tire choice!  Contrary to the race day forecast it was FREEZING again!  I was totally bummed and worried I had under dressed however the cold temps had the trail in great condition!  It looked like it was going to be a fast day on mostly double track trails, perfect!

After doing a few hill laps to warm up I got back in the car to literally warm up.  Then finally I decided to break for it with 15 minutes till race start.  Of course while I was peeing one last time they opened up the starting gate!  SHIT!  I swear I suck at pre-race activities and Tom totally gave me that look as I exited the John, because he knows this is so April. I did manage to rudely mash my may up to a decent starting spot and figured at this point I might as well make the best of it!  The race started at 9:52...I couldn't believe it, when was the last time if ever a race started early?? Craziness, but I appreciated not having to sit there and think for any longer so all was well in my world! 

Finally we were off!  And the pace was super fast as per usual.  I was able to get right on Danielle's wheel from the get go and I figured I'd try to sit there as long as possible and then hopefully at some point try to make a move. Of course she's raced a ton so I figured she probably had plans of her own as well!  About 15 minutes into the race she had an unlucky slide out on one of the turns and I figured it was now or never so I went for it and suffered like mad to catch the next wheel in front of me.  I have finally learned to stop worrying about how high my heart rate is and to trust my fitness and the fact that I'm capable of suffering for much longer than I used to be able to.  And wow did I suffer. At the start of the 2nd lap I jumped on James Kauth a local bad ass mtb'ers wheel right after he passed me. I figured I'd try to stay on as long as possible and hope to build as big of a gap as I could!  It hurt like hell and I got dropped about half way but was able to bridge the gap again towards the end.  The trail was getting sloppy and at one point I even started up conversation asking James what tires he was running??? What on earth, I was talking during a race????  Of course this eventually ended with me saying "ok, no more talking" because I'm physically unable to breathe and talk at the same time when racing.  Heck sometimes I can't even do this when I'm not racing!!

By the 3rd lap the course was getting really tossed up, and as I was running up this massive hill I as starting to regret my tire choice!  I rode like a 3rd grader the last lap and fortunately it sounded like it was rough for everyone!  I just kept telling myself to stay on my friggin bike!!!  Finally the end was in sight and I even had enough juice left to race a dude to the finish line.  Yep, he totally got me, next time my friend.  But... I won!!  I couldn't believe it.  It's still shocking to me when I win a race, cuz it just feels so foreign.  I hadn't won a single race in my entire life until I started cycling.  Now I even have my very own "winners" mug so I can finally stop drinking out of Tom's!!!

Tom and I celebrated afterwards with Dolan and Mike over bloodies and greasy bar food!  Then we went back to the park to watch the Ice Races and to see the Yeti!!

They had an ice drag race going on and my new Michigan BFF, Danielle and I so wanted to race it, but we figured our coaches would totally kill us if we got hurt doing this!!  See we do make wise choices sometimes!! Instead we spent the afternoon bundled up to the Salsa heater scheming up a Wausau 12 hour team!!

On another note, it's MARCH!!! Oh my gosh let the Maddness begin.  I love March for so many reasons:
1. March = spring! 
2. Daylight savings Time starts March 10th, finally some sun for my evening rides!
3. March Maddness...tourney time!!!
4. soon there will be some 40 degree + days, we are above freezing folks!
5. shit, this March is the last month before I turn 30, I had better make it a good one!
6. St. Patty's Day...gotta love the Irish!

Speaking of March Maddness, the Gophers took down #1 Indiana this week!  I could not be more excited to see The Barn in total uproar. Seeing this on TV gave me the chills and made me almost miss the good ole days of playing in The Barn.  But hell that was another life, bring on the next mountain bike race!!


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    1. Hey thanks Kate! I totally stopped by your blog today too! Plan to head back more often! Cheers!

  2. You ROCK. Congrats on your big win!

    So happy it's March, too… enough with the snow already!

  3. Thanks Erin! Always so fun to see your comments!