Monday, April 1, 2013

and...It's APRIL!!

 Tom and me at Ore to Shore this year...yes Tom is the cat.

Well it's April Foo'ls day today and I just so happened to pull off one solid joke on a customer of mine, so I'd say it's been another successful year.When I was younger I used to run around tricking folks on this fine holiday and then instead of saying "April Fools!" I'd say "April Fooled you!"..yeah,  pretty dorky.  Anyways, I of course love the month of April for obvious reasons, so bring it on.  And in case you are wondering, yes I was indeed born in April...and yes my parents are both super creative.  

This past weekend rocked as I had Good Friday off of work and met up with Spoo for a Tonka Loop and my first long ride out on the road this spring. It was warm and eventually sunny,  and it was so much fun to be going FAST again! In fact I was convinced we were going against a headwind the entire time as I was just not used to all the riding that fast!  I knew Spoo from back in another running life of mine so it was neat to reconnect now that we also share the same passion for mountain biking! I'm scheming a way to drag in him and his Chili con Crosso to a cx race this fall!  My Chili was so happy to finally be getting some sun!!

Easter Sunday was the bomb.  Heck any day that starts with a Mimosa is a good day. I also got to play Bunny for the kiddos!  My niece Addie is the best chiller ever, I swear, I dont' know how she does it...I need to learn to chill like that.  Aren and I spent a good part of the afternoon trying on mustaches!

April should be a super fun month as I've got a few new experiences planned, including my first gravel ride.  However before that I'll be participating in my first cycling focused training camp this weekend down  in Lanesboro, MN. The Fix Studio is putting this on with the Loon State Cyclist Club. I'm pretty stoked as I've heard the riding down south is awesome, and I'm certain the camp will be stellar.  I however don't know anything about group riding etiquette so I just hope I don't kill and/or piss off anyone. I'm also praying the rain in the forecast decides to flake on Saturday.  I'm guessing this will be the most volume I've packed into a couple days since last spring. Then, the following weekend we're road tripping to Moline, IL for a IHRS cross country event. This will also be my first race in my damn!!


  1. Hey, I've got an April bday, too. Happy birth month!

    Gravel is growing on me. Well, that's not entirely true, but for whatever reason I'm signed up for the same silly gravel race again, so I'll be riding plenty of rough roads in preparation. Have fun at camp and your race!

  2. Holy cuteness! Your niece and nephew are adorable!

    Have an awesome weekend of riding! I'm itching to get my bike out on the road, especially after seeing Chris tonight! Damn, he works magic! Thanks again, lady!