Monday, April 29, 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

Oh my gosh I swear this last weekend was like heaven on earth!  I dont' even know where to start! In typical MN fashion we just skipped right over the 60s and have been living it up in the 70s here the past few days! 

Check out my new Lazer Helium Helmet!!! Totally matches my  Foundry Kit!!
One of my favorite things about living in MN (admittedly these are harder to come up with these days) is that once summer hits we go hog wild and try to jam in as many BBQs, bike rides, drinks on the patio, etc as possible in a few short months. Summers here are ALL OUT!!! 

Hold up, let's rewind a bit. Before all the fun sun arrived we had some more snow and I ended up having one of those "I hate winter, its snowing and all my races are getting postponed, my life is so hard, I can't take another trainer ride, I NEED A FREAKING BREAK" kind of a weeks.  So after completely spazzing at my coach we decided since all the above was happening it was probably a really good time to take a week off!  And so it went, 7 full days off the bike!  I will admit it was really nice. I got caught up on work and our apartment is clean(er) and once that time was up I felt refreshed and couldn't wait to ride my bike again!  You see I do not reside in the camp of those that are unable to take rest days. Yes I am intense at times and type A, but I for some reason lack the obsessive compulsive gene  I really appreciate rest and mentally I just need a break sometimes. It works for me.

So I had planned to take it easy and enjoy a nice quiet weekend.  And then Saturday night while I was in my sweats...this happened!!!

I have some pretty awesome people in my life and they surprised the sh*t out of me for my 30th birthday!  I seriously had no idea. The funny thing is, Lisa and I were out shopping at Costco (for a jewelry party on Sunday) and I totally dressed like crap and was wondering why she was so done up and smelling nice!  And somehow she even convinced me  to open to door carrying 2 big trays of food!! Nevertheless It was a blast and I was taken away by how many people showed up.  We even had a keg of a Lonely Blonde! I am blessed and I truly love all of you that made this happen! THANK YOU! 

Me and my cute lil party planner!  He looks so proud!
 Also, if this is your gift bag...thank you so much for the lovely bath products....I still can't figure out who this is from and it's killing me to not be able to personally say thanks!!!

Last Monday, work sent me to Quebec, Canada  for a couple days and it was pretty sweet!  Well in that geeky visiting feed mills and watching trucks get loaded with soybean meal kind of way :)  And of course everyone spoke French there and I speak NO French, so yep, that was interesting.  We were in the car most of the time so I had good views of the countryside and we drove by a ton of Maple Tree Farms with Sugar Shacks for making maple syrup. I tried to explain to them that Sugar Shacks represent something a whole lot different here in The States
Oh and I was forced to eat Poutines which are pretty much french fries with cheese curds and sauces of sorts on top.  What we ate looked almost exactly like this... I can't decide if I should say YUM or YUCK.

Canada is so much cooler than I thought. on a side note, Tim Horton's is totally overrated.

Flying back to MN rocked as the snow was supposedly behind us!  I rode outside Thursday and Friday and even commuted home for the first time this year!  I totally need to commute more often.  I will admit I haven't fully embraced this commuting thing because I absolutely hate hauling all my stuff with me on my back. However, I picked up this new commuter pack from Banjo Brothers before Bonelli and let me tell you, it's commuter life altering!  I love it!

In fact I love it so much that as I was commuting home Friday and I decided that 30 was the year I commuted 30 times.  So 29 more to to go. I know 30 times is not much, but it's a start.  29 more to go!

I tried to spend as much time as possible Saturday  in the sun and only came inside for a massage.  I also refused to wear sunscreen all day long....After being this white for so long any color is good color.  Sunday I behaved myself, sprayed on the 50 and got in an awesome long ride with Eman. Afterwards Anne treated us to a home cooked meal. Man I am spoiled.... and Life is damn good!


  1. Happy birthday! I think poutine sounds pretty yuck.

    1. Thanks Kate! It was gross. Well the fry part. I must say the curds were pretty darn good!

  2. Happy, happy 30th, April! What a fun surprise!

    Also, rest days rock. I'm learning to embrace (and look forward to) them.

    I'm with ya on commuting… love it, but hate carrying a bag on a my back. Definitely gonna look into one of those bags!

    1. Thanks Erin! you'll love the bag...i swear. And i got the medium one. It holds a TON! I could have probably even been okay with the small version. but it's a nice bag. I think i'll even use it to haul my crap to races! Waterproof and everything!

  3. Hey April, I was racing at Sylvan Island a couple weeks ago and decided to look around on the internet to see why the heck someone from MN was at a mtb race in Illinois.....stalkerish, I know. Anyways I am glad you have a blog. I wish I had a woman with your enthusiasm to train with, as the climate in central Illinois is not so different from what you describe. Ah well, stuck with constant sufferfest of training with boys. I also think forced rest is a good thing. Melinda

    1. Hey mel! Thanks for reaching out! The Sylvan Island race was a blast. I am hopefully heading to Iowa this Sunday for a race in their series. We still can't ride trail here as the weather sucks! We have to go to some pretty extreme measures these days. I'm already saving up my $$ to do a few races out west next spring. Don't think I can take another spring like this :) Best of luck to you this summer. Hopefully see you around. I plan to do some WORS races, not sure if you'll make any of those. Cheers!

  4. You are right, Sylvan was seriously fun! Did you hear that the bridge was taken out in recent flood?? Yikes. WORS are pretty far away for us, but I hear they are awesome, and really good competition. We have always meant to go but end up defaulting to closer races/rides. Spring has finally sprung in Champaign, I will be hoping for better riding weather for you ya'll up north. :)