Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Training Camp

Spring Training Camp was a blast, and I am already missing my camp high! Once Feb/March rolled around it seemed like everyone and their cat was attending some form of spring training camp in warm weather and I had some serious training camp envy....well that was until Fix Studio announced they were putting on a camp with Loon State Cyclist down in Whalen, MN.  The price was a steal, I had never been to a cycling camp, and I had 1 day of work vacation available so book it!!! I had to miss the first ride on Thursday, but life's not fair, so that's okay.

The drive down took forever since since 494 totally sucks AND I'm directionally challenged and ended up in some wrong town about 20 minutes out of the way...hmm. But this meant that I must have arrived at camp right around dinner time as the 4 mile gravel road to camp was filled with Nature!!! (that's why i come up here..Goulet!)

Awesome Possum -- my first ever possum sighting...yes there was still snow in Whalen

This was the 2nd deer to run right in front of my car...caught on camera you punk!

The camp base was at Cedar Valley Resort which was very cabin like minus the lake out back and the cell phone service, yikes.  Don't worry I am still alive. I was booked in Moose cabin with 4 other rock star campers, all of which I had never met before!  In fact I knew only a couple people at the camp so I left with a bunch of brand new buddies, yeh!

Each day there was a long and short ride option so yep, I figured I'd go all in even though I really hadn't ridden my bike more than 50 miles since Epic George!  I was mildly freaked out as I was the only chica on the morning ride on Friday which meant I knew it was bound to be a sufferfest. I could also tell by the drive in that there was going to be some serious hills.  And for the record this was actually going to be my first legit group ride as up until last September all I really owned was a tri bike. I was nervous as road riding has so many "rules" and I really just didn't want to be that carnie that screwed up and caused some epic crash!!

Friday morning's ride went as predicted  and my legs were in instantly in serious shock! ...I spend about 30 seconds taking a pull and then the rest of the 3 hours holding on for dear life.  It was sick fun!! Well until about 50 miles in when my quads were feeling swollen and I was desperately thinking "where in the f%*k is the Subway."  Both days we stopped to "eat fresh" for lunch which was already prepared and waiting for for us when we arrived. Spoiled!

Both the afternoon ride on Friday and the Saturday ride were lower on the smashfest scale and I left camp feeling reinvigorated and psyched about getting in some good long training rides!!  I also learned a few things about riding in a pack and patience (thanks Chad Macy for the tough lesson!) I have zero patience and I learned painfully on Friday that I better get some asap if I want to do well at some of the longer point to point races!  I also learned that riding with a sag wagon is really rad and that women in bibs have to be creative when it comes to peeing on the side of the road.  Lastly, an echelon formation is apparently not just for the birds??!! Quack!  No... I will not be signing up for any road races. My foot is in the sand...literally.

Gear bag stored in the sag wagon...full of snacks

oh...and  I forgot to mention we ate GOOD!  Birchwood Cafe had baked up some sweet meals and am pretty sure I took down the best pot pie eva!

And... just when I thought life couldn't get any sponsor Foundry has left me speechless by adding a new beast to my tool shed!!!   I am beyond stoked ......Here is a sneak preview....ahhhhhh!!! 

More on this later in the week!!

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  1. I learned to bike with the boys, so group road rides are my absolute favorite! There's nothing like the whir of a peloton!

    What an awesome camp! I'm a bit jealous! And, you got Birchwood for every meal?! Sign me up :)