Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Trip to The Bicycle Fit Guru

After Wednesday's rainfest ride  I rushed over to the see the Bicycle Fit Guru to get dialed in on my new Foundry Auger. Chris has been fitting me on all my bikes for the past few years and I firmly believe he is the best bike fitter in town, if not the entire country.  He also was a huge inspiration for me to give this mountain bike thing a try and I'll forever be in debt to him for that! But in all honestly I just can't believe that there is single person out there that gives a damn as much as Chris does.  He is intense and his attention to detail is unmatched.  I remember in my first fit he spent 30+ minutes on my cleats alone!  If you're looking to be get faster, feel more comfortable on your ride, or just flat out learn a few things about being efficient, Chris is your guy.

When I showed up on Wednesday I expected things to be business as usual.  My fittings these days are much quicker than in the past as Chris knows how my body works, and he remembers those things about me that make me different from everyone else. What I wasn't expecting was to be able to see firsthand just how rockstar his new 3D technology is! Chris is a genius and created a bunch of programing and protocol for this new 3D/EMG system, and its revolutionary!  Words like programming and protocol wreck havoc in my brain so I'm probably not doing it justice. Basically what he did was place a bunch of reflective bulbs around my body (very galactic), dimmed the lights and took a 3D snapshot of me riding for a brief period of time.  You end up with a 3D version of yourself on the screen that literally shows you how symmetrical you are,  and you can replay it over and over again and even see with your own eyes some of the hitches in your pedal stroke, etc.  It's crazy cool!   It looks like this afterwards:

This is not a photo of me... just some random person. 
Chris and I were also able to look at a bunch of graphs that show the symmetry of different area's on my body and pedal stroke and determine if changes needed to be made.  Check out the graphs below.  Once the fitting was over we were confident this was the best it could be at this point and also were aware of certain things I needed to focus on such as a tighter right low back/hip.  This is something Chris already knew about this fall, but the data below just confirms it (L3 graph).  If you haven't been fit by Chris you're totally missing out.  I've always said it's far and away the best money I've ever spent on a bike, period!I'm not sure if this 3D stuff is in his current fit packages, but go ahead and ask him about it! 

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  1. I second this! Chris is hands-down the BEST! That 3D view is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, April! I'm working on a post about my fitting, too :)