Friday, May 17, 2013

Greetings from The Woodlands!

Greetings from Woodlands, Texas!  Ironman Texas weekend has finally arrived and I am beyond stoked to cheer for Tom and some of my favorite buddies tomorrow!  It's also been awesome to be in the south enjoying the sun!  

Thursday was all about hitting up the expo and getting Tommy and Jeff all checked in!  Since this will be Tom's 6th Ironman and Jeff''s 8th Ironman it was pretty much business as usual and just get through the Ironman store as quickly as possible. 

Then as promised I spent a lot of time doing this on Thursday:

And in an effort to try to get ahead of my summer bike farmer tan, I did my usual small amount of time without SPF which apparently should be a bit shorter in Texas.And while chatting it away with Lisa I must have completely forgot to put sunscreen on one of my legs!  So yep, I woke up today with one burned leg and one tan leg.  Oops!  

Lisa and I rented a couple of bikes for Friday as we knew the racers would be just chilling out all day.  So yesterday we heading over to  the Bike Barn (cool name!) in Spring, TX and picked up a couple of road bikes.  They even took the time to properly fit us on our rental about some incredible service for a $30 rental!   If you are ever in the area, this shop rocks!   

yeah....just a nasty bug on my big deal

Lisa and I headed out this morning for a 70 mile ride and holy hell,  was it hot!! We hit up the first section of the Ironman course and got to ride through an awesome section of the Sam Houston National Forest.  It was incredible, almost felt like we were in the Lord of the Rings (which is so not my thing btw).

We also saw a ton of cattle ranches and I personally wanted to stop by and see if they needed to buy any soybean hulls...but then Lisa reminded that I was on vacation...what!!

"Hey....whatchu bikers up to?"
We went far too long without water and by the time we finally reached the Oasis (Shell Gas Station) we were in pretty bad shape. I sat down and really enjoyed myself :)

Then, back in town we wrapped things up with a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden! Tom and Jeff are ready to Rock!   I can't wait!!!!

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  1. Gooooo, Tom and Jeff! I'll be tracking from Minnesota! Good luck! And, have fun sherpa-ing!

    Nice riding, too!