Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Unfortunately Ironman Texas was one of those days.  One of those days where you execute everything according to plan and yet your body responds in a way that is completely unexplainable. After a disappointing race such as this you spend the next few days, weeks and sometimes months (hopefully not a year) questioning where things went wrong.  However in all reality, if you race enough of these things, eventually a bad race is going to happen.  Like my buddy Julie says, "this is why you are wise to enjoy the journey." 

This is a lifestyle for us and this past weekend was an unfortunate rock in the road. We'll get around it and eventually be back on our way. Tom's already discussing what Ironmans 2014 will hold for him and I'm sure at some point along our path he'll get a chance to give IM Texas a rematch.  Until then it's onward and upward. I am so proud of Tom, he rocks my world. 

Tom's cousin Todd  told Tom that since he didn't finish Texas I'm the only one that gets venison sausage when we go up to Brainerd to visit him in a couple weeks...Tom gets hot dogs :)  We are blessed in so many ways, one of them having great family and friends who can pull off jokes such as the above and still get Tom to smile. Life goes on.

Also a huge thanks to our dear friend Lisa who made the trip with us to cheer on Tom and our other friends Jeff, KLo, Margarita and BMoy who all pressed on to finish one of the toughest Ironman courses on the circuit. You're the best Lisa!

Chubbs and Vito were so happy we were back in town that they slept all Monday on the couch with Tom.


This weekend Tom's heading to Charlotte to visit his BFF Greg. Last I heard he was needing to create some jorts for his first NASCAR adventure. Shake and Bake!  I'm set to race my first WORS race on Sunday, the Crystal Lake Classic.  I've heard nothing but great stuff about the WORS races and they seem to always get a really big cat 1 turnout for the women.  Should be a good test of fitness! I can't wait!

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  1. It was a tough day for a lot of people! And, indeed, it is all about the journey. Watch out for the rematch, IMTX :)

    Good luck at WORS this weekend, April!