Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WORS # 2 Crystal Lake Classic

Up until this past weekend I have heard nothing but great things about the WORS series!  So let me tell you after making the trip out to Rhinelander this past weekend, all of these things are true!  I had a blast and it was more than worth the the drive and a night at the lovely Quality Inn.  What I have quickly learned in this sport is that you can both pay for your moderately sketchy hotel room and your race entry fee the week of a race... and turns out it's still a bit cheaper than signing up 6 months early for a for a local MN Tri!  That's about as rad as it gets! 

Heading into this race I knew a few things. 1 - It was going to be tough competition, 2 -  It was going to be 3 laps, and 22 miles and  3- crap I wasn't going to have my cute man on the sidelines to hand me fresh water bottles. :(  So...I spent literally an hour last week installing this beast on my bike!  I think I was more stressed out about whether or not this would actually work than I was about my fitness and performing well in the race!  Well turns out it worked!!!  My masterpiece!

I got a good pre-ride in on Saturday and realized that yikes, there was 1.5 mile gravel road prologue before you entered the single track!.  I knew no matter how things went for me at the start this was likely to be painful. The course was awesome with a mix of rocky, rolling single track and some double track sections where you could make a pass (or get passed unfortunately in my case).

Sunday's race seemed to take forever to arrive as I'm still getting used to this 1:30 pm start situation.  I had a great warm up and was ready to rock, then at the last minute realized I had forgot to put air in my tires, what!!?? but that's completely normal for me, so I wasn't even phased.. This girl needs a checklist damn it! Finally we were at the start line and even removed our helmets for the National Anthem...so cool!  Then we were off!  I tried to be smart and hold back a tad on the lead out, but I could only refrain myself for about 1 mile before taking the lead and doing all the work the rest of the way into the single track.  This turned out to not be a great strategy as I was quickly passed by speedy Amber on the first opportunity and then shortly after by Cooper, a super fast young pup racer from the UP.  Oh to be 22 again! She was killing the single track and it wasn't too long before I could no longer see her.  At one point on the 2nd lap I saw her on a turn around section and  estimated that she had a 45 second lead. 

SUFFERIN'! Thanks for the sweet photo Xtreme Photography Unlimited!
So then I was in 3rd ...and appeared to have a good gap on 4th place for what seemed like at least 15 miles of the race....then at right about 18 miles things came crashing down Jenga style and the wheels totally fell off!  Suddenly I was majorly hurting and in the midst of a serious sufffest!!  I'm not sure if  I didn't have enough calories, or if I went out to hard in the beginning, or if  I just didn't have the fitness yet for a nearly 2 hour race; regardless Lindsey passed me at a blistering pace which she made look effortless!  I tried to grab her wheel (and she even encouraged me!) however I literally had nothing left.  I pretty much prayed that the finish line would appear NOW! and thankfully it finally did without me getting passed by the chasing Lisa and Andrea! I held on to 4th and secured a spot on the podium! Sure a top 3 finish would have been more than awesome, but 4th at my first WORS race...heck yeah I'll take that!  Super stoked to have raced against such incredibly strong women and can't wait to make it to a couple more WORS races this summer!  They really put on a first class event!

Meanwhile in Charlotte, Tom and Greg were eating all kinds of terrible food and driving around in this carns mobile (Tom's rental car!)

and watching this on Sunday!! 

Tom had a blast visiting his BFF; but I was more than happy to pick him up at the airport Sunday!   I'm pretty sure Chubbs was asking me (scream meowing at me) all weekend "where is Tom?" "What did you do with him?" 

Lastly, look what happened today!  My Broadaxe got a new buddy!  Tom got a Krampus!! They even rubbed noses like the horses do!! Awe...

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