Monday, June 10, 2013

Buck Hill, Cuyuna, and Strava Smashfests

The past 5 days were so full of life that it actually feels great to just flat out sit on my ass tonight and write this blog.  The fun started out Thursday night when I hit up Buck Hill for Thursday Night at the Races.  These nights at Buck are so much freaking fun and it's one of those weekly events that makes me really love living in Minnesota.  Not much beats 45 minutes of single track smash followed by a beer (or 2!) It seriously amazes me that this event continues to draw a couple hundred racers each week. My favorite part is chilling out afterwards with good friends while watching the little minis race around the wood chip track!  Their finish line is basically a massive tub full of candy.  First across gets first dibs!

Friday night was a long overdue Sushi!! happy our with Alex and Carla...any night that involves sushi is epic!!

Saturday we celebrated my little Godson Drew turning 3! He is my bestie Ericka's son and he was the cutest  little man ever unwrapping all his gifts.  Afterwards Tom and I headed straight up to Cuyuna to rip out some clay based single track and we had a blast.  They have this section called "the Bobsled" which basically involves a bunch of downhill berms.  I suck at berms so we probably should have spent the entire 2 hours on this section.  Here is Tom showing his hot wife how it's done. I told him by the time I was 38 he'd be asking for lessons from me!

Tom did manage to crash once and puncture his tricep on a sharp rock!  It looks a little nasty so I rubbed some dirt on it and told him he was fine!  Believe it or not I wasn't the one that crashed this time around!  Later on in the ride we climbed up some switchbacks and were treated to this!! What a beautiful view of Cuyuna lakes.  This photo pretty much sums up our weekend!

Saturday night was spent in Brainerd with Tom's Aunt Sandra and Uncle Todd. Oh and of course Morgan!  My favorite thing about Morgan is he loves to play and run.  We spent most of the  night boxing and tearing up the back yard!   

Morgan vs Morgan

We love getting up north to see these three and we are always greeted with awesome food, great beer and some of the best bonfires!  One happy girl!

Sunday was supposed to be spent exploring the rest of Cuyuna but of course IT RAINED!  ugh.  So we had to drive home and hope that the rain would let up.  Fortunately it did, and with enough time for Tom and I to get in a Tonka Loop.  It was so awesome to ride both days with Tom as it's been a long time since our training schedules have allowed for this to happen.  I tried to cherish every minute, even the ones that were spent sucking wind and staring straight at Tom's ass an attempt to gain a couple Strava QOMs. At one point I seriously thought  I was going to throw up. Oh Strava.

Now it's back to business and I'm stoked to see climbing intervals in my training plan this week!  Seems like forever since I did a healthy set of hill repeats. Ruff!


  1. I had to turn Strava off. It kept saying, "April Morgan crushed your KOM!" Fun seeing you the other night!

  2. Oh, how I love strava! But, this whole tri bike… it's not good at climbing like my road bike so I've lost some QOMs! Anyway, great weekend! Love that pic of you and Tom at the lakes!