Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bull in the China Shop Strikes Again!!!

Bah!!!  I broke my bike AGAIN!!!

Morten Morland Cartoon - The Times
This past weekend was the Bluff Rider's Charge race at Mt. Kato ski hill.  This was my first MN MTB Series race in the expert class so I was really excited to compete against some of Minnesota's best riders on what appeared to be a fairly challenging 4 lap course.  Since I had never ridden this course before Tom and I arrived early so that I could get a pre-ride lap in.  The course had some technical switchback descents as well as a fairly challenging start which involved navigating a switchback trail straight up one of the ski hills.  I ended up picking a crappy starting spot and as a result ended up getting a pretty crappy start...lame.

However regardless of how poor my start was, I was also not prepared for the pace that Jenna and Sarah Jansen were about to set on the initial climb.  In fact when I saw Jenna out of her saddle mashing her way up the mountain I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped and I whipped out my notepad to take some notes!  It was impressive to say the least.  Up at the top of the hill I entered the single track in 3rd position and was on the chase to get back onto Sarah's wheel.  I was feeling pretty strong and flowy on the single track and was starting to get into a groove.  I had lost Sarah for a brief moment but then right as we got to the section with the technical descent I saw her with her foot down and much like a dog on the chase I thought to myself..."this is my chance!"  In reality this was the worst possible time to to be having such drooling thoughts as I took the drop off and left turn too know where this is heading.  Yep, this resulted in me slamming on the brakes and the executing a somersault through the air!!  When you're able to look up at the sky and see your bike flying towards a tree you know this is not going to end good.  Seconds later...bam!  I was on my back and could hear the "oooohs" and "are you alright?" mumblings coming from the peanut gallery inside the single track.  I got up quickly (remember this was my chance!!) and I was amazed that 1- not much really hurt, well maybe my back a little and 2 - my bike was completely fine!  Yeh! 

It took a little while to shake out the rattles, but within a couple more minutes I could see Sarah again and heading into the 2nd lap I estimated I was 15-20 seconds down.  I figured this wasn't so bad all things considered.  I took in some fuel and was really happy with how good my legs were feeling.  Then about 2 miles into the second lap as I was navigating a steep uphill climb the Bull was let loose and then thunder, clatter, bang, bang, snap!  I knew it the moment I felt it...I BROKE MY FREAKING CHAIN!!!!  Ahhh!!!!  Game Over!  Boo.   Here I thought I had finally turned over a new leaf since it had been so long  since I broke my bike; but turns out this still remains my Achilles heel.  On the positive side, I figure the fact that I can actually break my chain with my own force is probably not such a bad thing in the long run.

As I was doing the walk of shame back to greet Tom I thought of our buddy Evan from Marquette and wished I had packed a flask in my jersey pocket as shit, that would have really come in handy.  My back was now sore from the crash and I reached up and could feel that it was all scraped up.  Funny thing is when I got home and went to wash my jersey I realized that there wasn't a spot of dirt on the back of it.  That's weird?  I had assumed that I must have landed on a root or a rock. So I guess this means at some point my back had landed right on top of my handlebars....totally rad!

Outside of the bull fight we had a pretty damn good weekend. Friday night I zipped over to Twin Six to pick up my All-City X Fulton Racing Kits for Cyclocross season and it felt like Christmas.  I could barely get into the car before I was ripping them out of their little plastic baggies. This kit fits me like a glove and I love it so much it's unreal.  I also splurged on a thermal jacket and trying it on I can tell it will be more than worth it on those chilly fall afternoons.

Apartment Fashion Show!

Tom's cousin Todd was in town this weekend for his monthly Army training and we also got to see my family Sunday night for Alyssa's birthday celebration.  Saturday morning was SPECTATEcular as Tom and I went to watch some of our favs race the New Bri Tri!  Lisa, Eman, and Christina all had great races and I personally really enjoyed watching (over racing) with coffee in hand! Here is Lisa and Christina in action!

Tomorrow night I plan to hit up Buck Hill for Thursday Night at the Races.  I hope to redeem myself and prove that I really can still ride my bike clean.

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  1. We both broke chains recently! I did on a climb out of Afton… oops! :)

    Glad you were ok after that somersault! And, that kit is awesome!