Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July Go Go Go!

4th of July Week was just about everything that it should have been...well except for one thing...I caught a freaking cold!  Really?  Who the hell catches a cold in summer?  I was in denial for most of the first 2 days praying it was allergies,  but by the time the weekend rolled around there was no more denying it..I was in the midst of a hardcore snotfest!   It's been awhile since I've been rocked like that.  Regardless, we had a whole week of fun planned and there was no way I was missing out. 

The week started off great with my first Tuesday Night Time trial out in Wayzata. This was before the cold erupted and I was feeling pretty good and pretty psyched to see what kind of effort I could lay down for 30 minutes.We had tons of friends join us for this and that sure made that "I feel like I'm about to explode and die" feeling seem a little less daunting!  I will admit it didn't feel nearly as bad as smashing out 30 minutes on a trainer at The Fix Studio...something about being on the move and feeling fast.  Since I sold my tri bike last year I raced this one on my Foundry Auger!!  I also broke in my Fulton race kit!

Since this was the also the first time trial for many of our close friends; we naturally endulged in some post race nourishment! I couldn't stop laughing at how small Tom and Willy's tacos were. More like taquitos!11 I could tell right the moment the plate came I would be sharing half my burger,  Bah!  So when Lisa had to leave early I just mowed down her left over salad!!  I love you all, you are my favs!  (oh and that is our really horrible server lurking in the background!)

Wednesday night we treated my loving parents to a night with Twins  for my dad's birthday!  This is when we all realized we had sore throats :( Lame.  oh and then Twins lost to the least there was some post race fireworks!

Fourth of July I was supposed to go for Tonka loop with Tom but we both decided to pull the plug and stay home. We actually cleaned the house for once...apparently that's what you can do more of when you don't ride your bike multiple hours a week!  Afterwards we enjoyed some raft time at Cedar Lake with Alex and Carla and then headed back to their place to let off some Fireworks!  

Alex is racing the Steelhead 70.3 on a FAT BIKE next month so we made him show off his brand new wetsuit! I wanted him to try it on and give a fashion show, but no luck. I'll post some more on this later, but Alex's Surly is decked out with some pretty sweet aero bars...he's a pioneer! Go Alex! We are super excited for you!!

Friday at work was B.R.U.T.A.L but I did manage to get a nap in before we headed down to Elysian, MN to spend the weekend at the River's lake home. We always look forward to this summer weekend vacation with our great friends Kari, Mark, Erick and Rory.   Mark's parents Marie and Tom Rivers are such wonderful people and they so generously welcome us into their home each year in July. Thank you for such a fabulous weekend to remember!!   

Kari and Mark's Princess Allie

Ericka and Rory's Prince Drew
My BFF's Ericka and Kari
We got home Sunday and finally after 3 days off the bike I finally felt good enough to shred some dirt at Elm Creek!  It was sadly the first time I rode there all summer!  The Grand Finale of a wicked awesome weekend was relaxing in the raft again while Tom got in his swim workout!


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