Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Fun and Buck Hill Birch Bump!

I've already caught a serious case of July 4thitis, which means I could barely focus at work this week!  Finally we have a 4th of July week with an outstanding weather forecast...and boy do I have lot of "normal" non biking fun on tap! 
Speaking of "normal" this past Saturday I had both a bridal shower and a wedding (separate couples) to go to so my coach basically said:

"Why don't you just take the day off and have a "normal" Saturday?"

I was thinking...Really?  a "normal?" Saturday?  As opposed to my non-normal Saturdays?   I had no idea what he was talking about :)

But I am always quick to embrace a coach gifted day off so I rocked it and slept in Saturday,  had coffee with Tom and the cats and even watched the the Tour de France kick off before heading over to Osceola, WI for my cousin Emily's wedding shower!  She's getting married in August and also expecting a new baby come winter!  So excited for her!  We had a blast at the shower even though I totally sucked at making a tissue paper bouquet. Competition and crafts don't go well for me. The food was great and I of course ate as if I was still working out and man was that good cake!

Then it was rush home and change dresses for Rob & Leah's wedding...woot! Yes it's true I actually wore 2 different dresses in one day....setting a personal fashion record at age 30. Generally 2 dresses in one year is good for me.  Dresses are fact I refuse to ever wear one to work...I can't imaging sitting at my desk, chatting and typing away, and feeling all awkward  with thighs touching in a dress all day?  Hot mess!   When I was little my mom and I used to fight over me wearing a dress to my friends birthday parties.  She'd bribe me and say "well if you won't wear that dress I'll just call them and tell them you're not going to make it to the party." and then I'd say "fine, tell them I''m not coming."  So in the end I'd be that girl at the party in a t-shirt and sweatpants.  Dresses...meh.

Rob & Leah's wedding was FABULOUS!  It was at the St. Paul College Club, a mansion on Summit Avenue.  Not only was the setting amazing and unique; but I'm 100% sure it was one of the most "real" weddings I have ever been too.  They are so perfect for each other and it was such an honor to celebrate their special day with them.  Tom snapped this candid shot of Leah getting frisky later on in the evening!!

Since Saturday was full of action and of course a few cocktails.... my expectations for Sunday's Buck Hill Birch Bump race were quite low.  I figured worst case scenario I would have had an awesome Saturday and a solid training day on Sunday! 

I arrived Sunday feeling a rested from my day off and surprisingly felt really good on my warm-up lap. The weather was perfect, sunny skies and low humidity.  I decided this time I would see what I had on the lead out...this was going well until we hit a section on the course with some cones and I got confused about which way to yeah I took the group a tad off course (sorry girls!!) and then Sara passed me.  I figured I'd again try to stay with her as long as possible.  The race started with a pretty decent climb similar to Mt legs were totally pissed off (what happened to that amazing warm up feeling?)  and I just didn't have enough to stay on her wheel.  So I entered the single track in second and already about 5-10 seconds! About 15 minutes into the race there was this tree that was down on the edge of the trail (intentional obstacle).  Instead of avoiding the tree trunk I rode right up against it for 5 seconds or so which felt like an eternity as the log scraped the skin right off my leg.  Talk about adding salt to the wound!

I stayed in 2nd place for the entire race; but Corey was so close to me in 3rd place that I really had to stay on it and push the entire time. There was so much winding around the course that you would see other racers and really have a hard time knowing how close they were too you. Other than one "I'm riding stupid" crash on the 4th lap I thought I rode fairly smooth and I had spent some time focusing on my my descending speed...a skill I know I will need for Natz.  All in all it was a fantastic, well ran event that happened to be really close to home for once!

Sunday night we had dinner on the deck with my family and celebrated my dad's 66th birthday!  I am pretty sure I had the best brat ever!!  What a weekend!


  1. What a weekend is right! Looks awesome… love those unexpected rest days to do normal things… wait… I haven't had one of those in months! :)

    Congrats on another stellar race! You are going to crush it at nationals!

  2. That’s amazing! A wedding that turns this fun vacation is superb. I am also going to have a wedding just like this. I have already shortlisted some of the Chicago event venues for the wedding ceremony. I still have to finalize the wedding gown. Anyways, she is looking very pretty in this wedding dress.