Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Lake Tri and a friendly little battle...

Finally, I decided to take a weekend off from racing!  Honestly I had planned to do the MN Series race at White Tail Ridge however I could tell even before Wausau24 that all of this traveling and racing was totally catching up to me.  I have a tendency to ssometimes always bite off more than I can chew.  Last week I had my usual overcooked meltdown.....
Poor Tom!

and then ended up taking 4 days completely off the bike! 4 days off the bike?!?!?!  It was amazing!  I even got a massage on Friday and by the time Saturday rolled around, it was as if I had been, whose legs are these?

Saturday morning turned out to be a double awesome day since Tom was racing Graniteman Big Lake with Lisa, Jeff, Chad and Lisa B.  The alarm went off at 5 am and I instantly felt nervous and then I remembered...wait I'm not racing, I'm spectating!  yeh!  My most important concern was soon whether or not there was a proper coffee shop in Big Lake.

It was super fun watching everyone get ready to race and I had fun chatting with Lisa and Chad and checking out Chad's hot new bike.  Everyone had really great races and that always makes for such a fun event. Lisa had her fastest bike split ever and I was so happy to see her finally crush the 23 mph barrier...way to go girl, you have only scratched the surface of your potential. 

Tom had a great first race back since IM Texas securing the 4th overall place by 9 crucial seconds!  And hell, Jeff just went and won the whole freaking thing!  We celebrated afterwards at Champps of course.

Check out this huge Graniteman they had at the race.  They had everyone exit the swim by running right under his crotch...yikes! I was really concerned for the Graniteman, although to my disbelief he remained stone faced the entire time, I guess that's granite for you.

On Sunday Chris and I drove out to Afton to get in a hard ride on the trails.  I had never been to Afton to ride, but Chris kept telling me all last year that if I wanted to get faster I needed to ride Afton a lot. So I suppose it shouldn't have taken me this long to get there?  Yeah, it was hard as hell and was pretty much up or down the entire time.  There was this horribly steep and long uphill grind that apparently used to be a part of the course but has since been removed.  Of course Balser insisted that we ride it anyways and each time I seriously thought I was going to implode by the time we got to the top of it.  It was awesome!  they used to have this 24 hour race there and I know both Chris and Danielle have done it....I however have no idea how on earth someone could do that for 24's incredible.  I'm really hoping these hills make the hills at Ore to Shore next weekend seem like a piece of cake!

Yep, thats right....  ORE TO SHORE IS NEXT WEEKEND!!!! I seriously think this is my favorite race of the year.  I absolutely love Marquette, MI and I love big races even more!  Each year Ore to Shore draws about 2000 racers and the morning mass start is super rad!  I'm stoked as this year I'll get to have a preferred start which will hopefully allow me some more time to warm up and be less stressed about getting my bike in a good start spot.  I am also psyched to see and race with some of our great new friends...I'm pretty sure Saturday night will be a riot.  Oh and even better....Tom is actually racing too!!!  This will be the first race we have done together in what feels like forever.  Tom seems to think he is going to ride faster than me. Hmm, I suppose on pavement I might concede, but Tommy, this is a whole nother dirty's on!

Stay tuned, we will both be racing on matching Foundry Broadaxes... may the best horse win.

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