Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Superiorman Tri - Go Tom!

Holy Cow!  It's been awhile since I've posted an update.

The good thing about not blogging is it means you're out having fun, the bad thing about not blogging if once you finally get back to blogging you forget what you want to be blogging about.

We've been up to a lot as of late, not really much racing on my part, which is totally fine as I've enjoyed being a spectator and also finally getting some crap done around the house.  My cousin Emily also got married and since we grew up together I know she has been waiting for this day all her life.  Believe it or not I even shed a tear when she walked down the isle.  Wedding's get me every time!

My bro Jay took this photo, not bad eh?
The day after the wedding Tom raced the Superiorman Half Ironman with our friends Lisa, Jeff, Alex, Nick and Christina.  I was stoked Alex was racing as that meant I got to hang out with Carla during the race & their pups Sadie and Rocco!  Sadie was so excited about the race she just about broke through her new pink harness!  

Hard to tell from this photo, but it was crazy hot in Duluth and any time we were away from the bay it felt like a sauna.  I am amazed that everyone raced in these conditions and it was inspiring to see so many athletes just pushing through the pain and making their way to the finish!

Tommy rocking the bike!

Lisa running her way to a 5th overall, 2nd place age group finish!
Tom had an awesome race placing 11th overall and getting 2nd in his age group. I was so proud and loved sharing the finish with him! Most of our friends also podiumed at the race so that made the post race beer at The Canal Park Brewery taste damn good! 

Outside of racing, we've spent some time at the State Fair (hence the large cow) catching the Cat Film Fest. In my opinion last year's was 100 times better in the grass at Walker, however who doesn't love hanging out with a bunch of crazy cat people?! Meow!

Tom, Aaron, Katy
Our own kitties have enjoyed having us home more and have been spending a ton of time sleeping in their bunk bed!

Lastly, Tuesday Nite CX is in full swing which means It's CX Season!!!  I love CX, it feels like a big huge party to me. However, last week's Tuesday race was a brutal sufferfest in the heat and had me hating life.  Tonight's weather on the other hand was fantastic.  I decided after today's race that I am a cool weather racer!! So bring on the fall!

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