Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Last weekend was finally a weekend at home and the much anticipated METAL CROSS. I raced the Saturday race and although I had planned to race on Sunday let's just say "shit happened" and it didn't work out :) Leading up to this race there had been a ton of chatter about how awesome this year's course was going to be having moved locations to Clearwater, MN. They certainly did not disappoint and the cross Gods even threw a morning drizzle into the mix. The course was certainly a "real cx" course with a ton of sand, a couple sketchy descents and a muddy stair run up.

Tom was out riding his bike in the frigid rain getting ready for IM Cozumel so I made the trek solo but was super lucky to be greeted by the Foundry crew, a nice warm tent, and some last minute mechanical help on my bike (thanks Noah!) I was a little flustered wondering if I had the wrong tires on my Harrow for the wet conditions so I did a test ride on my Auger Canti. Turns out that the disc brakes and thru axle fork on my Harrow are too awesome to pass up in wet, unpredictable conditions so I still opted for the Harrow and in the end I think it was the right choice. Why is everyone not racing disc for cx? The difference is truly amazing.

The Harrow totally rocked, I on the other hand should have probably spent some more time playing in the sandbox as of late as I really sucked it up on the sandy sections of the course! To my credit it was pretty gnarly and I certainly wasn't expecting to be swimming my way through this race! Pretty rad.

So let's just say it wasn't my best day racing bikes, but in the end I was happy to barely hold on to 3rd place! The best part of the day may have just been slamming down a post race burrito (Thanks Foundry!) and enjoying a couple beers with Rob, Eric, Noah and Anna.

Someone didn't get the rain boot memo!
I just finished getting soaked in the rain on my bike and just as well as it's time to dial it back, get refreshed and ready to race Green Acres in a couple weeks.  Green Acres is the place to be!

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