Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Foundry Harrow!!

A farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground.
tr.v.har·rowed, har·row·ing, har·rows
1. To break up and level (soil or land) with a harrow.
2. To inflict great distress or torment on.

I am jacked to have added yet another CX tool to the weapon shed and I've been looking forward to finally tell everyone all about it. Foundry's newest cyclocross racing machine is the Harrow! My first impressions of this bike were obviously that it was clean and bad ass in it's appearance, but hopping up on the saddle was a whole 'nother experience.

This bike is mean. And more than capable of tearing up the CX scene and causing a serious amount of distress on your opponents. The first thing I noticed racing at the Trek CXC Cup was the front end stiffness of this bike is unreal, almost indescribable. It's so stiff and reliable in the corners that actually when I'm not on my Harrow I've questioned if my front wheel skewer was screwed on tight. The Whisky No. 9 Thru Axle Fork that comes with the Harrow is revolutionary and combining this with a stiff, racey frame and a reliable disc brake set up is what makes the Harrow a racer's dream. Trust me, throw a leg over a Harrow and see for yourself... it will blow your freaking mind!

Over the past month or so I've been slowly putting my signature on this ride. I've added some ridiculously hot chrome housing along with a nice set of tubeless wheels. With Foundry's support I was also able to add on a set of SRAM Hydraulic brakes to only make the breaking sicker than it already was. This week I'm beyond excited to be building a no worries 1 X 10 set up with a no drop Wolf Tooth chainring that just arrived in the mail! By the end of this week my ride will be 19 lbs of pure awesomeness.

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