Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jingle Cross DID NOT Rock - Take 2

Okay, to be fair Jingle Cross DID rock for most people...

Photo Credit: Kevin McRee -
It just didn't rock for me.  Since it's been a week I figure it's about time I stop licking my wounds and get this blog post over and done with.  Don't get too excited though, because if you're hoping for an Oprah special, you'll be seriously disappointed.

Photo Credit: Yet another bike photo
 To make a long story short, a multitude of chaos happened last weekend, but really it all boiled down to these 3 things:

1. My tires were UCI illegal - This literally "let the air out" of Friday Night. Day 1 = DNF Sure,  I should have known, but it's my first year so I get a pass.

2. I crashed on Day 2 = DNF -  broken derailleur hanger, and the bull struck again (I thought I kicked that?)

3. I'm tired from all the travel, mechanical and racing stress of this past year. Day 3 = DNS

In all honesty, I was pretty bummed out earlier this week. Some of my bummed outtedness was warranted, and some of it was not.  Monday Tom sent this photo to me via email with a sad face next to it.

Photo Credit: Dave McElwaine - Cycling News
At first the photo nearly made me cry.  Really? My very first Cycling News photo...and this is the moment they capture?

But then I remembered how incredibly hard I had worked for this photo.  For this moment, to have been able to line up at the start of a UCI Elite CX race and to actually feel as though I belonged.  I've learned over the years that things usually don't go as planned. Sometimes it's for the better, and sometimes it's for the worse.  But in the end, last weekend was a part of my journey as a cyclist and this moment that Cycling News happened to capture will undoubtedly impact the many years ahead.  I'm guessing it will be for the better :)

Outside of the chaos that was last weekend there really were a lot of positive  moments.

Friday Night Foundry tent, under the lights - so incredibly stoked!

Day 2 Race Start
Photo Credit: Dave McElwaine - Cycling News
Good start = Good company
seconds before I went bull in a china shop
Lastly, I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards the Mpls CX community. So let's call this an early Thanksgiving!!  It still humbles me the # of people that went out of  their way to offer me their spare sets of tires and wheels and even their bikes.

Matt from Foundry got his hands dirty Friday night to help me mount up a new set of tubeless tires when really he could have been having fun drinking beer and watching the men's elite race. Thank you so much! Huge thanks Aaron for borrowing a set of spare tires and a massive thanks to Jay and Kristy from Hollywood Cycles.  Kristy wasn't able to race as she hurt her back, yet they didn't even flinch at the chance to offer me the tires off her spare wheels...Jay even took them off moments before his race start, this was a gesture I'll never forget. Thank you Bush for wrenching on my bike Saturday, you are the best, and really just chatting with you helped cheer me up.  Thank you to my coach Matt for listening to my ventathon...and thank you Tom for everything...I know he would have given me the skin off his back if I could have used it as tires :) 

Lastly.. thanks to all the rest of you for your hugs and kind words and for just stopping by to see if you could help.  It meant the world to me.  I am lucky to live and race in such a fine community.

And I am lucky that I will live to race another day. 

But first....I will be heading to Mexico to watch my husband chase his Ironman Cozumel dream.  Trust me, life is good.

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