Friday, November 15, 2013

Mill City CX and other things..

Before we talk about anything else…check out my cute man getting FAT air at Iceman!  

Photo Credit: MarathonFoto

Generally I would be too thrifty cheap to throw down on a race day photo from Glamour Shots, but when your hubby goes monster truck rally on the flyover at Iceman, you spend the money! 
Last week I was suffering from a major Iceman hangover, but fortunately I had a few things to keep me distracted.  It’s November… which mean I am officially back training one night/week at The Fix Studio!  Winters in MN can be really long…so long that I’m not sure what I’d do if I couldn’t happily walk into this door at least once a week!
Larry, Sophie, Lev (and their new mechanic Eric) all rock and really when it comes to power training nothing tops “The Fix. Wednesday marked the start of the Nov-Dec session which meant…I had to do a field test, ugh.  I hate power tests, cuz basically it’s an all out major sufferfest with really no one to chase except your own pain.
Then Thursday night this happened!!
My buddy Isaac did one of the most generous things ever and came over to our place to teach us how to mount tubeless tires!  Being a newbie to this off-road stuff we haven’t really learned how to master this technique, so having Isaac show us meant the world to me!  Tires make me go apeshit!  Seriously I’ve spent so much time over the past year stressing out about my tires it’s not even funny. Even ask Matty Leiz about my tire drama, I’m pretty sure he won’t even talk to me about tires anymore. 

Photo Credit: All City X/Fulton Racing
Finally Sunday rolled around and it was time to race again and test out my tires!  Mill City CX almost froze off my toes last year with its creek crossings, so needless to say I was ecstatic when I realized that the creek was dried up this year!  The course was still pretty sweet with a few hills and a run-up. 
The skirted rock star Kristy picked a much better start spot than most of us and then shot out like a cannon taking the hole shot. I was able to pass through the first sand section to gain the lead.  The rest of the race was spent mostly trading places with Corey and at times it almost felt as though we were in the midst of a heated battle of 1 on 1 hoops, only I was breathing much harder.  It was one hell of a race and I was really enjoying the battle…well until the 2nd to last lap when things really started to fall apart for me and really I had nothing left in my legs.  Corey was able to create a gap on a climb and I really never recovered.  In the end, I think it was a great race for both of us.  
I have been spending most of this week recovering and getting my legs prepped and ready to rock Jingle Cross.  In fact as I type this my legs are sausaged up in compression sleeves, and I’ve also spent a serious amount of time this week like this:
This photo cracks me up because Vito follows me everywhere. I guess he is a bit more of a crazy cat like me.  Chubbs on the other hand, she is much more of a chiller, like Tom.  Vito and I could both use little more chill.


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