Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wolf Tooth Chainring - It's Grrreat!

My brand new Wolf Tooth chainring is easily one of my favorite things about my new Foundry Harrow set up.  It’s the last piece of the puzzle and I’ve finally been able to ride it enough to be able to tell you folks how truly awesome it is!

Last summer I splurged and went XX1 on mFoundry Broadaxe mtb set-up.  It was one of those “go hard or go home” type of situations.  Needless to say it was (and still is) amazing!  Being able to take a couple mechanical risks out of the equation not only made cycling finally seem simpler to me, but it just took away a lot of unnecessary frustration. One less derailleur to worry about, no more dropped chains, and no more “oh shit, big hill and I’m in the wrong ring up front” chaos.
I started out this cross season really wanting to have a set-up that would mimic this. Huge thanks to Wolf Tooth Components for helping me make this possible!
Wolf Tooth’s “Drop Stop” chainring with it’s narrow/wide tooth configuration allows you to essentially make yourself an XX1 like set up without the need to drop a $$ bomb switching out your entire drive chain.  I threw this chainring on a FSA crank I already owned, and then combined it with a 11-36 cassette and SRAM Type 2 derailleur in the rear.  
Lone behold, peace and order have been restored in the world!!! 

I don’t need to tell you how clean that looks, it’s pretty blunt and staring you in the face.  I’ve been racing this set-up for just over a month now.  Admittedly I had some initial concerns about the security of the chain up front. No need to worry any longer!  I’ve raced this set up on a SUPER muddy day at Green Acres and also on a SUPER bumpy day at Red Barn. No dropped chain! It is amazing and I can’t imaging racing any other set up ever again!  Of course the 11-36 takes some getting used to with its larger moves between each chainring, much like the XX1 set-up.  However cx racing just became simpler AND with this switch my Harrow lost nearly a ½ pound that I no longer have to lug up stairs and over barriers!  HOOOOOWWWL! grr...

Wolf Tooth Components is a Minneapolis based company, which of course makes them that much cooler. They are definitely on to something huge and I’m pretty sure we will all start to see these chainrings popping up more and more all over the world.  Right now I can assure you that you’ll also see me saving some $$ and weight this fat bike season by throwing one of these on my snow beast. Party on! 

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