Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ironman Cozumel + Frigid State CX Craziness

Since it's the holiday season I'll try not to be too harsh by rubbing all kinds of warm, beachy, photos in your face. However, I can't help but share some of the awesome moments of this years trip to Cozumel!

On December 1, 2013 my husband Tom became and Ironman for the SIXTH TIME! Having done a few of these myself it's definitely true that they never get easier.  After struggling through a very personally challenging run Tom claimed this to be the "hardest Ironman he ever finished."  When it comes to Ironman a statement such as that has nothing to do with the actual course itself, but rather the personal struggle, tenacity and perseverance that it takes to get your body across that finish line.  A day where you can say those word's "hardest Ironman I've ever finished" is a damn good day.  So proud of you babe, more than you will ever know.

Huge Congrats to Jeff, Paul, David, Sue, and Michelle for their Ironman finishes! This was a trip amongst friends and Lisa, Christina, Kathy and my parents Karla and Jack all had a blast cheering and making ridiculous signs.

Afterwards we did what people do when they are in Mexico!  We laid at the pool, drank way too many margarita's and had way too many shots of tequila (some of us more than others). We also spent way too much time laying in the sun and as a result I nearly burnt off the top of my right foot, eek!

In order to get to and from Cozumel Island we had to take some freak show 15 seater plane from Cancun. This nearly caused me a panic attack...it looked so retro ghetto on the inside that I could have put money on us sky jumping our way out of there. But turns out the flight was pretty smooth. Go figure.

When we got home Friday night, it was zero degrees outside and then Saturday morning I did one of the dumbest things ever ...I went to the State CX Race!  It was so freaking cold I think my body was in total shock.  Needless to say it went pretty horrible for me...


Don't worry, I was quick to laugh this race off and realize that yep, now is a really great time to take a break from racing, the demands of training schedules, and watt goals, etc.  I've decided not to race CX Natz this year and instead rest up for the spring MTB season. I was a hard decision, but for me, right now...it's the right decision. 

So bring on the snow biking and the holiday cheer!!!  I have some big dreams for next year and some new races that I am beyond excited for. Stay tuned. In 2014 I will let go of fear and pressure and finally become comfortable with uncomfortable.  I will not wait for Jan 1st to make positive changes, life is now.

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  1. Congrats to Tom! Currently wishing I were at the beach soaking up the sun instead of here in the tundra :)

    Can't wait to hear about what's in store for 2014! You are so right… life is NOW. Live it up! Merriest Christmas, April!