Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold Catfish Cup

Did I mention how much I freaking love racing my bike!?!?!  It had been nearly a month since the last time I raced.  I know a month doesn't sound like a whole lot of time to most people, but when you race your bike 40+ times in a year....a month is an eternity!!

Photo Credit: Michael Boehnlein - he donated the proceeds to freaking cool!
****This is also one of my favorite photos of all time!!****
I was so pumped all week that I could barely stand it.  In fact I was so excited for the race that I even arrived 1 hour too early...crap!  But I wasn't phased, as it was 30 degrees and we had a summer breeze. Finally the gun went off and we ripped a lap around the lake and eventually into the single track. I  was loving the race energy and I couldn't stop smiling....well that is until the 2nd lap when the course pretty much turned to mush.  Eventually the hike a bike / tripod shuffle / getting bruised and battered by your bike situation started to really rattle my cage.  My poor buddy Rob had to witness a mini  major meltdown of mine that took place after my sketchy tripod shuffle resulted in a major smashing of my crotch!!!   Sorry Rob, I promise to be super positive the next time I'm holding u up in the single track.  Rob is apparently really good at riding (tripoding) through a bunch of sh*t.  I need to master this craft.

Photo Credit: Amy Marsh
As Rob is right behind me I'm guessing this is 10 minutes post meltdown.
I came through lap 2 somewhere around 1:45...which was already about 5 to 10 minutes more than I had planned on 3 laps taking me...oops.  But to my surprise Tom was waiting there with a 3rd unexpected bottle of EFS that he somehow made magically appear! Thanks babe!  I raced the last lap mostly on fumes but was rather happy to see that the trail was starting to firm up and my riding skills were seeming to have improved.  Finally I came through the finish at 2:36 in First Place!!

Photo Credit: Amy Marsh
I immediately went to the Potter's Pasties food truck and bought a Chicken Pot Pie Pasty....heaven in a doughy pocket! I can't wait until I deserve to eat another one of these!!! Big thanks to Tallgrass Brewing for the tasty IPA and and even bigger thanks to everyone at Angry Catfish and MORC and all the sponsors for making Cold Catfish Cup happen.  So much work goes into these fat bike races as far as trail grooming etc.  I am so grateful to live and race in such an amazing community!!

Photo Credit: David Gabrys - 45NRTH
Next up is the FAT BIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! this coming weekend in Marquette, Michigan! I love the town of Marquette and I am really looking forward to what should be incredible weekend of racing and kicking it with some of our favorite cycling friends! Did someone say Blackrocks?  Is it Friday yet??

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  1. Congrats, April! Awesome photos! Best of luck this weekend! You will crush it :)