Monday, March 3, 2014

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout

First of all, I just have to pull this cartoon out one more time!!  I swear I seriously can't stop laughing.

It's so true!! We are absolutely freezing here.  It's true, this is the coldest winter I can ever remember.  It's true that anyone that lives in Minnesota is certifiably crazy.  It's true that we are all numb.  It's true that last year I rode my bike outside when it was 9 degrees and I bragged about it on facebook!  It's true that we toed the line on Saturday in -13F weather, and I was nervous about it.  It's true that I didn't wear goggles and questioned whether or not I was going to lose an eyeball.  It's true that I put Vaseline AND embro all over my face. It's true that my face was ON FIRE!!   It's true that at times I was super warm! It's true that when I immediately got into my car after the race it was still -13F!!!!  It's true that no matter what the conditions my bike is always a total blast!

only 20.8 mpg?  Boo...
Tom and Chelsea picked me up from work Friday afternoon and I quickly sprinted from my desk hoping to avoid having to explain to another colleague why it was completely normal to race my bike in this type of weather. Geesh, explaining 4 inch tires is hard enough!!

We made good time in the car and I even drove for a small part of it. Who would have thought? We arrived just in time for the Fish Fry and swag raffle at the Crosby American Legion.  Fish is definitely not my ideal pre race meal, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and keep it chill. It was a blast and fun to be amidst a lot of race energy and I loved sharing the excitement with all those volunteers that worked extremely hard to make this race happen!  Our table made out pretty well winning a couple sets of poagies and even a "pity" pie.

Brendan, Mike, Chelsea, Tom and I all piled in to one hotel room and I managed to be that girl that passes out at the slumber party well before it's over!  Saturday we were up early getting ready, discussing clothing attire and having an Embro party!!

When I went downstairs to raid the continental breakfast I found Mike's Salsa just chillin' by the fire.  Can't blame him.
Finally the race was here and we all toed the line for the start.  My warm up consisted of saying "Hi" to some good friends, adding an extra set of hand warmers to my gloves and then rolling 20 yards to the start. 

Needless to say the moment the horn went off my legs felt like total garbage.  It took a while to get 'er going and eventually we were weaving our way around the Sagamore Unit, then onto a super fast power section before eventually making our way to some really gnarly single track which even included a trip down the Bobsled!  It was by far some of the hilliest and most beautiful single track I've fat bike raced in!!  The snow was pretty fluffy and SUPER deep.  So deep in fact that one time I failed to keep my front tire on the track and the second it hit the fluffy edge it sunk 2 feet deep sling shoting me over my handlebars!! It was a riot!!  Soon enough we were taking a left hand turn and heading to the finish line!!!  I was happy to cross the line first female and 8th overall!!   Soon after  Mike, Brendan and Chelsea all came rolling through the finish with smiles on their faces!

Brendan and Mike
 I had a blast hanging out at the ice race with all the other finishers, and Chelsea and I even took home some of the most beautiful mugs I've ever laid eyes on!!! 

Chelsea, you're supposed to close your eyes!!
Huge thanks to Aaron Hautala and his team for putting on an exceptional race. What a great weekend!  You can never beat a donut post race and I can't wait to see what you cats pull out of your hat in 2015!  Trust me, you haven't lived until you've ridden your bike in Cuyuna.

Chelsea, Me, Rhonda, Yeti -- way to go girls!

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