Friday, March 14, 2014


On the eve of my first pro race I feel both excited and nervous, but mostly I feel ready and stoked to soak in the experience. 17 months ago I first voiced this dream. Now that it is actually happening I can't help but reflect on all the people that have helped make this a dream come true.  Thanks to Larry and Sophie for teaching me all about power.  Chris were the first person to say I would be a pro some day and the help you have provided me along the way is absolutely immeasurable. Huge thanks to Rob Comfort and Matthew Larson from Foundry Cycles, you were the first to take a chance on me.

Tom your support humbles me and you seem to always believe in me more than I believe in myself...I would never want to be on this journey without you. Thank you to my dear family and my closest friends for your emotional support and for putting up with crazy schedules and crazy athletic dreams that never seem to stop.

Massive thanks to my CTS coach Matt Freeman who helped me draw up a road map ...without your knowledge, patience and support this moment would have never come so soon.  

Thanks to all of you that have encouraged, supported and competed against me along the way. Every bit mattered.  Lasty, thanks to all of my previous coaches, each of you have helped shape me into the athlete I am today. It seems only fitting that my race # tomorrow be the jersey # of the greatest basketball player of all time.  Now..."If I could be like Mike!"