Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Whiskey Off Road Adventure

WOOT!!!!! We are foot down in Prescott, AZ and already chilling on our balcony at the local Best Western. This is my first time requesting something special in the comments section when making a reservation "A room with balcony would be super awesome!" Well here it is folks....

Your wish is my command!
So it's not the best view, but it's a balcony and it's outside, and it's warm, and it's not humid! We do have a pretty sweet view out the other side of the room and if you look closely you can see the "P" for Prescott!  Or for Pretty damn cool.

I could not be more excited and grateful to be here awaiting my first Whiskey Off Road adventure!  I have been dying to race Whiskey for the past few years and I finally found a way to put it together this year.  Fortunately I wont' have to wait too long to get this party started -- the Fat Tire Crit race is tomorrow night in downtown Prescott!  From what I have seen in videos and photos this is definitely a big highlight of the weekend. Tons of fans line the streets cyclocross style with cowbells and all that other jazz.  I've never raced a crit before, so thankfully this one is only a half hour. However...I do imagine it will be some of the most painful 30 minutes of my life.  It's go time!!!

Prescott is a pretty sweet town and has already exceeded my expectations placing itself in the cherished category of "I could live here."  The downtown area is historic and super cute!  Tom and I stopped for lunch today at a local European place and the gyros were super tasty!  Now it's time to put together that sexy Broadaxe of mine and get it as amped up as I am!!!

So happy to see my EVOC bag!

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