Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring has FINALLY arrived!!

Yeh!  Finally we are seeing something in MN that resembles spring. It's been raining quite a bit, but   every so often the sun comes out and it is so awesome that I haven't been able to contain myself.  Put the pants and arm warmers away...we are in Heaven!!! I've been lucky to have been able to put in some decent volume on the weekends and as a result  "short" short season has already come to an abrupt halt ....but it's okay cuz we have SUN!!!!

In addition to training I've been having a blast watching Tom and my friends race and also celebrating my nephews 4th birthday!

Jeff, Lisa W, Tom, Lisa B, Chad, Katy, Aaron - my buddies!!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party for Aren...naturally I was Michelangelo
If you've been following my blog this past year you are already aware that I've been taking a different (less is more) approach to my race schedule this year. 

I'm trying to be more selective about which events excite me the most, and refrain from signing myself up for every single race that exists on this earth. The truth is that this hasn't been easy. However, I have really enjoyed being home more and also have been embracing that fact that less racing allows for more training.   Last year I raced so much that I almost never felt like I had put in a good training block.  This year is much different in that I'm actually able to see the progress I am making in my training without needing the constant affirmation of a race. 

This coming week I'll be heading to my first WORS race of the year!  I am beyond stoked as I absolutely LOVE this race series and all the awesome ladies that race it!  Last year I only raced a few WORS races, but this year I'm making it a focus to hit up a bunch more.

Time to mount up new tires, pick up some Spotted Cow, and shred some midwest dirt!!!

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