Monday, July 28, 2014

BIKEs, and TRIs, and TEEs! Oh, my!

What's a girl to do when she is cooped up in the Big Easy for two weeks??? 


Thanks to EVOC for making the best bike box a result bringing my bike on this trip was a piece of cake.  For the first time I even put the Broadaxe together and packed it up all by myself.  I ALMOST felt like a mechanic.

Take me with!!!

During the week I would make the 30 min trek over to Lakeshore Drive to crank out some power intervals.  There were plenty of runners and cyclists and  I felt safe during these hot, humid evenings.  In the end I was rewarded with palm trees and amazing sunsets!!

On my weekend layover I was stoked and frankly pretty proud to have cranked out a combined 8 hours of riding in the "North Shore", Abita Springs area. Both Saturday and Sunday I drove across Lake Pontchartrain via the 26 mile mile Causeway Bridge.  I so badly wanted to take a picture of the drive across the bridge, but I was too freaking scared to get out my phone for fear I'd end up driving right off the bridge!! It was freaky.  Some of my co-workers were explaining that every so often cars do end up crashing over the bridge and if they are lucky folks jump in the lake to save them.  Umm...that did nothing to ease my anxiety.

Saturday's ride took me along some quiet country roads, past many horse ranches and incredible homes.  I rode pretty close to the center of Louisiana's multi-million dollar horse industry.  I could almost taste the cash!

Is that a TCF Bank? Nope, it's just someones house
My 82 mile ride was horribly hot that I remember thinking "how on earth do people live here?"  At one point during the ride there was a quick rain shower...I figured like in MN there would finally be some kind of cool breeze following the rain.  WRONG!  Instead it was as if someone had poured water on the hot stones in a sauna.  Hot, wet, steamy, nasty.   Thankfully I planned this ride so that it ended right at Abita Springs Brew Pub.  I killed a burger and I promise that beer had never tasted this good!

Sunday I rode back and forth on the Tammany Trace trail system which is a 30 mile Rail to Trails route.  It was really safe and pretty.... and at times it felt like you were riding through a tunnel of trees.

This 50+ mile ride ended here!

What an adventure!  However I am so happy to finally be home!! This trip really made me appreciate the beautiful clean city we live in.  I realize how much we take for granted safety and the luxurious paved and dirt trails we have here.

This weekend I was so excited to be home that I couldn't wait to shred 40 miles of  Elm Creek dirt at the Menacing 40.  It was a blast, except I think I crashed better than I rode!  But, what's not to love about a $30 race on amazing trails with hot dogs and beers afterwards?  Thanks Maple Grove Cycling, MORC and Three Rivers Park District for a great day on the trails!

Yesterday we woke up at 4:30 am (OUCH!) for Chisago Lakes Tri! The weather was perfect and it seemed like everyone had great races...I love when that happens!  Lisa had a fabulous race and took home the Gold for her age group!

Lastly...I opened up the mailbox last night and was stoked to unwrap two really awesome brand new t-shirts from BELCH!!  I've been wanting this "Mustache Ride" tee for so long and the surprise "Excuse Me" racer back tank nearly made me melt!!  I am obsessed with racer back tanks so much  -- and it's safe to say that this is the best one yet!

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