Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ore to Shore Bound!!!

IT’S ORE TO SHORE WEEK!!!!  I’m so excited I can barely focus at work…seriously I’m counting down the minutes until we leave.  Ore to Shore is by far one of my favorite races and I look forward to this weekend the entire year.  I’m not quite sure what exactly it is I love about this race.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the 2nd half of the course is net downhill, but more than likely it’s because Marquette is an amazing city filled with amazing people and amazing breweries! One of my favorites in particular…Blackrocks!   A fast paced race on dirt + amazing post-race beer =  Heaven! (subtle note to God :) 

I am stoked to be getting back into the swing of things after my recent trip to New Orleans.  I’ve also been sticking true to my mission to find some great group rides.  Last Tuesday I gathered up enough courage to join my first Freewheel “Tuesday Night Beat-Down Ride.”  I wish I had a bunch of sweet photos to show you, however I was way too busy smashing the pedals and holding on for dear life!  I managed to survive the ride (and I even took a couple pulls)!  It was a blast even though it left me pretty shredded for the remainder of the week. Group rides…where have you been all my life?
Last weekend I refused to get out a bed early so I joined Tom and some friends for rides both days.  It was a bit more chill and really I was just focused on getting time in the saddle -- I just recently pulled the trigger on Barn Burner 104 next month!! This will be my first century on the dirt. Admittedly, I’m a bit scared!   I also just saw a ton of Tempo intervals pop up on my training plan. 
Saturday night a couple of our bestest friends (and cat lovers!!) got married!! Congrats to the Hoffenfraser’s!! It was a beautiful night!
In other news this summer I have created one of the worst farmer tans of all time.  In an effort to reverse the permanent t-shirt look I was proud to create my first cut-off jersey.   Racer back yo!!!   Yes, I know it’s a bit triathlete and it’s a bit carnie….but my upper arms are looking damn good this week.
Lastly, this happened during our recent Chinese binge.  Pressure is on Tom!!!!

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