Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheq Fat Tire Festival...and a break!

Wowzer, it’s been ages since I’ve blabbed away on my blog. Tom and I were running around like crazy people in the beginning of September. We moved on the 1st to a new campsite!! Then,  obviously a trip to Arizona for Barn Burner, then Tom was quickly on a plane out to Vegas for Interbike and finally landing back in Minneapolis Friday just in time to drive up to Hawyard for Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival.We were both totally blasted at this point, but we refused to even discuss the topic…haha! 

I realize I totally missed blogging about Cheq 40 race…and I thought about trying to resurrect that moment…however, I kind of think there is a statute of limitations when it comes to blogging.  So I’ll keep it simple….WE HAD A BLAST!  Huge thanks to everyone in Hayward/Cable and Lifetime who made Cheq 40 happen this year. It truly is a fabulous event, and with all the storms they had… I’m amazed we actually got to race!  I know some folks were bummed that they had to change the course a bit….but I LOVED it!  Super-fast, wide open and a few less hills, yeh!  I was thinking “can we do this course every year??!!!”  We both ended up with 6 place finishes, me in Overall Women’s division and Tom in the Fat Bike Division.  Woo hoo!!  This was my best Cheq finish thus far and although I don’t recall feeling fantastic for most of the race, I do recall this being my best start.  I felt amazing in Rosie’s field…and I even felt totally awesome at the finish!  What more can you ask for???
These past couple weeks I’ve been enjoying a break away from all things cycling related, which I suppose also means my blog.  After 2 years of hitting it pretty hard, it was about freaking time.   In fact, last Friday while having Sushi downtown with good friends Katy and Aaron, it dawned on me that I almost felt like a normal person?!   It was awesome to not have a Saturday long ride to worry about and although my pants are feeling a wee bit tighter…they still fit! And my mind is feeling so refreshed.  I’ve also been working some longer hours lately. When you work in the agriculture business harvest time is when the “tough get going!”  I admit it has felt good to be able to focus the majority of my energy towards work for a few weeks …BALANCE! 
Another thing I like about this whole off season gig, is having some time to sit back and reflect on a year’s worth of racing and set new goals for the future.  Each year I learn something new/different about myself, and I am beyond excited to take on some big new challenges in 2015. I’m also really looking forward to FAT BIKE SEASON!!!  There is plenty of fun stuff on the horizon and I’m convinced that this winter season is going to be the best one yet! 
Meanwhile some things that I’m looking forward to in October….more running, more yoga, more chilling,  and more shopping. Oh and  volunteering at a NICA race, ripping my first gravel ride at the Filthy 50, experiencing my first Murphy night race, and a super long VACAY in Florida filled with tons of Ironman energy!!!  Life is now…get out and enjoy.

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  1. All going in the right direction,, Keep up the good work and Keep the Wheels Moving.